Thursday, April 8, 2010

Show and Tell Friday: Enchanted Gardens

Over the Christmas holidays I was introduced
to the miniature world of Enchanted Gardens.
 I was reminded of being newly married and
being mesmerized with constructing terrariums.

At that time a large antique glass bottle
 was my playground filled with small plants,
 rocks, and nature's tiny objects.

 My older daughter who has always
 loved miniatures of any kind; dollhouses, toys,
 ephemera, etc. found these at one of our favorite shops
 and proceeded to build herself
 a tiny paradise in a clay pot.

Me too, me too, I thought,
 I'd have some fun in those cold and dreary days of winter.

Angel vine is my plant of choice of late,
so angel vine it was.
A wire bench, clay pots, tiny watering can,
 birdhouse, and an urn.
They all came home with me.

Let us not forget the trellis which
completes itself with a fairy size chandelier.

Within days I had seen an article
in one of my favorite magazines,
"Midwest Living", that added to my inspiration.
So my clay pot found a home
 in one of my metal lunchboxes;
this one in a hexagonal design.

It's found a home in my kitchen,
out of the way of the gray fur babies reach.

My friend Debra Moore,
who owns Inspirational Home, here in Springfield,
 carries an extensive line of Fairy Garden elements. even includes the fairies.

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Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!
Yard work and some flowers are on my agenda!


Tuesday, April 6, 2010

White Wednesday, Mantel for Spring

I don't usually show our lower level family area very often.
It sort of lends itself to a more rustic feel.
A lot of dark wood and colors,
but still with a vintage feel.

The huge rustic mantel was needing to be lightened up for Spring.
So I decided I'd go with a simple theme;
white ironstone tureens and pitchers.

I change out my prints seasonally,
and this is one of my favorites.
I love the muted tones of the vintage landscape.

Books, baskets, birdhouse, and burlap wrapped topiaries
help break up the ironstone.

(I have a little addiction to white ironstone pitchers)
could you tell?

Bird's eye view from the stairway

It's a comfortable place for the family
 movie watching, games, pets, and conversation.

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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Gardening Day for Easter

This time of year I'm always desperate for something "green". After months of gray skies and brown grass, I ran to Lowe's last week for a little garden "fix". I found these wonderful yellow tulips and bought some for myself and both of the girls who we will see tomorrow, Easter Sunday.

If you look closely you'll see
I'm not the only one enjoying them.

Right now I have them in the sunroom
in an old ice cream maker bucket,
 but as soon as the bloom is gone
I'll be planting them out front.

Hope you have a wonderful Easter!

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Have a wonderful Easter,
and enjoy the Bloom of Spring!

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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Easter Cloches

I hope you can stand enjoy
just one more Easter Decor post.
I didn't realize I had so many things,
 until I started going through
my cupboards and bringing it all out.

You all know I'm just a "Holiday" kind a gal.

I've been saving a few little friends
 for the Cloche Party at Marty's.
I found these at a friend's booth
 at Spring Creek a few weeks ago.
Old chalk Easter rabbits and a chicken.
I scooped them all up as she was just putting them out.
Oh yeah, right place, right time!

This is my German glass glitter rabbit that I found
a few weeks ago at my friend Kristi's space
(you'll get to meet her soon)

I had to buy three,
one each for my daughters...
and of course one for moi.

He's one of my new Favorite Things.

and of course "Sweetface" has to be
 included in every Cloche Party.
He's a little spoiled, you know what I mean?

I couldn't leave him out of Show and Tell!

And of course Spring isn't Spring
unless I have a bird-nest...
(or ten)

I stacked my wire flower frogs up,
then thought they looked like a wedding cake.

This little fella appears to have been
trapped by a Bird Nest cloche.

Hope he has some chocolate in his little basket.
I might let him loose for that!

And to celebrate Good Friday and Easter,
I have my Vintage Black Bible
 from my grade school years.
with a bottle I altered.

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Sending hugs and blessings
for a wonderful Easter Weekend!


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