Monday, May 29, 2017

Potting Bench and Patio

Seems like it takes me forever to get a task completed lately, I guess that's because it actually does. I've been wanting to finish up here on the patio for weeks now, but I still needed to find a fern and a few other plants for the urns. I have to wait for Hubbs to help me out, so that means the weekend. And at that point, if it's rainy, forget it... another weekend down the drain. 

We headed out this morning to the cemetery to decorate Hubb's Dad's grave, so afterward I asked really nice if he'd run me by Lowe's to see if they had the ferns I'd wanted. Going to Lowe's here on Saturday is like rush hour at Grand Central Station. Lines of cars and people and no parking unless it's on the back 40.

He's not a gardener or even "yarder". He doesn't share my enjoyment of plants and flowers that at the end of the season you have to throw away. oh well... he just has to humor me.

He did buy me some new cushions for the patio for Mother's Day. At least he can sit here every once in a while and enjoy those. I scoured the usual places on the Internet and found all of these pillows on-line at Target. They had tons of patterns at prices that were the best I could find for indoor-outdoor fabric. I usually choose something a little more vintage looking, but these bright flowers and coordinating geometric design really grabbed my attention.

We also bought new outdoor wicker chairs earlier in the Spring from Pier 1. If you don't get them early all the white ones will be sold out. They had a great choice of colors still available and at a good discount. LOVE them. Last Fall the vintage wicker ones were totally rotted out because of the damp. They ended up in the trash. boo-hoo. I love old wicker anything, except when your bum goes through the seat.

I've had this little chippy white vintage step ladder for ages, so I'm using it here for a side table for a plant or drinks.

Last year my Hydrangeas had some kind of yucky black leaf fungus that about killed them, so I sprayed them in the Fall, but it was too late for flowers. I cut them back this Spring and gave them a good dose of Miracle Grow, and now they're doing well and actually have some pretty pink blooms here on the bigger one. I adore Hydrangeas, but I don't have much of a green thumb, so I haven't been able to convince them to put out much of an effort. At the other house the deer ate them, what a bummer to come out and see all the blooms gone.

This is the old concrete urn that was in the Entry at the old house. I really didn't have the space here at this house inside and we sort of worried about the weight of it on the hardwoods, so it's been living out here, instead.

I still have some more "fluffing" to do out here, but at least it's not got an inch of dirt and pollen on it. I feel like we can come out and enjoy the space now.

I've had this old croquet set for quite awhile, so now the mallets (missing one) are just hanging out in the old wagon. I kept several pieces of old lattice work, hoping I'd have a sunporch for garden goodies, but they just have to be happy out here with the watering cans and old fencing and tin trimwork.

The ivy had been in the Dining Room on the antique wire plant stand, but it was looking pretty ragged, so I brought it out here to see if it would perk up. It got a drastic haircut and found a spot in this old crate. Love that vintage green color.

Poor little guy,
his foot has been missing for years...

I grabbed another Hydrangea from Lowe's for this orphan urn;
I haven't broke it to Hubbs yet, that he'll have to plant it this Fall.

Okay, not finished yet, but passable.

Hope you're having a great Memorial Day Weekend.
I had just finished snapping my pics when a downpour started.
Oh well, It wouldn't be Missouri without at least one rainy day for the Holiday!

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  1. Love your old trellises - have you thought about planting an annual vine in a pot and letting it climb up the trellis?

  2. Debra your patio looks so nice! Sorry to hear you are being slowed down, hope your heart is well. I recently developed crazy heart rhythms and can't keep up like I used to. I love your style and am thankful to you for sharing. You are so right about lowes! We used to live by Kickapoo high school and the traffic was very busy at certain times. We moved out to the country when thehubs retired and now we have just one 4-way stop sign! Have a great week! ~Dazee~

  3. What a comfortable and relaxing spot! Everything looks so pretty. Isn't this weather about to do us all in? I keep waiting to put up curtains on deck thinking, surely this is the end of all of this rain....and then it rains constantly for a couple of days. Oh well...

    Everything looks great. Hope you are feeling well.


  4. Everything looks so lovely.

  5. We could be sisters. There are so many things I need hubby's help with but he could care less about anything related to plants or outdoor decor (until he's seated on a comfy cushion and he realizes the space looks darn good!).

    I know how you feel about wicker. I had to bite the bullet and get the faux. The real deal barely holds up indoors. I'm not a fan of bright colors with the exception of outdoors. These are really pretty, colorful and happy pillows from Target. I also love all of your Typically Talented Debra treasures here and there!!!! You are unique.

    Diving my time between Chicago and the lake. Good for the soul. I'm not here alone much but for some reason, I'm really relishing it now and may never go home!! It's looking good, some pretty pots and a new outdoor dining set. I'll share in my next post---if I ever focus on that!

    Rain headed this way tomorrow. Stay dry, my friend. You guys have not had it easy.

    Jane x

  6. Love it Deb! The potting bench is tre chic! Blessing, Sherry (Edie Marie's Attic)

  7. Your patio looks very interesting and inviting - just needs a rug to pull the furniture together. You've done good, girl.

  8. Everything looks so pretty! I love having some pretty things growing too but I'm not a great gardener. I bought some Kimberly ferns at Lowes and found out you almost can't kill them.😊 I've been really happy with them. Hugs,

  9. Your space looks great, Debra, and I like those floral pillows from Target. Our Lowe's is about how you describe yours, and I actually shopped one day this past week (the garden center, no less) in the rain to avoid the crowds. I got my containers planted, but my furniture is still stacked in the courtyard, waiting to placed in the yard. And I got one of those 2 day headaches from the work I did, so I have another day before I do any manual labor again. :( At least you can enjoy yours in between showers!

  10. I love it. It looks like a cozy and cool place to have a cup of coffee. The wagon is adorable.

  11. Your patio and yard are so attractive. I love the potting bench and the antique wagon. Very pretty!

  12. We've had some crappy weather here, and the yard/patios are way behind being perfect. But, the bones are there and all the pretties can be added with time. Hope you feel better and get everything to a 'happy' place. Grins, Sandi

  13. This is such a beautiful serene place. You patio and yard are gorgeous. I am just starting to work on my patio and you inspired me. My hubs like yours isn't going to be impressed with more plants. Summer is so short here though you need to really enjoy it.

  14. I love your patio and your potting bench and your little wagon/cart. I could sit out here with you any day of the week.
    :) gwingal

  15. Love the bench and crushing on your cart!!! Such a beautiful patio Debra! Happy Summer!


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