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Saturday, February 23, 2013

What you do if you're iced in...

Well, you hang around your kitchen window
 looking at all the critters and birdies who are looking for a snack...

Critter feeding is pretty messy business.

This is the frosty view outside my kitchen window above the sink.

It seems a certain little somebody was trapped when the icy rain started coming down in buckets. She had to take cover under the wagon. Looks pretty chilly...and uncomfortable.

can you see her?

As soon as it let up the bluebirds were back. I've lived here 10 years and only seen bluebirds a handful of times, but a little Bluebird "couple" have taken a liking to the feeder up here, so now they're regulars.

Now, look who's back...

She didn't like all the ice pellets in her food pan.

It was a battle all afternoon, 
birds vs. squirrel.

I don't have a zoom telephoto lens, so I just had to use my regular lens. These aren't the best photos, but if you look closely you'll see the variety I had on the feeder. Purple finch and Sparrow on the feeder, a goldfinch on top of the faux evergreen and a little wren waiting turns. some fluff going on here.

My little female bluebird on the feeder again.
The bluebird is the Missouri State Bird

 and speaking of "state birds" we couldn't leave out the Cardinals...

And yes, I had a little help from the "Official" Bird Watcher.

We never lost our power, but it did cut out off and on for awhile.
This has been a long week of feeling lousy, 
but I'm better now.
I think I slept about 16 hours a day most of the week.
and that's with having a flu shot.
I guess if you are going to be sick it's best
when it's snowy and icy,
...a good time to be snuggled up at home.
I hope the rest of you are making it through the snowstorm.
Stay warm.
Spring will be here soon...
I think.

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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

On the Deck

More Outdoor Fall Stuff,
this time on the deck.

Here's the view from my kitchen window, out to the back deck. I like to keep a seasonal vignette out here and change it up every year, and I wanted to do something totally different this Fall. I usually use a small barnwood wheelbarrow, but this year I grabbed a little black French wagon and added the old bushel basket and a watering can as a backdrop.

We had a limb come down from one of the maples in front early in the summer, so I nabbed it before it could be cut into smaller pieces. Hubbs knows not to argue, just save the thing in the garage and don't ask questions....

Of course I had a plan!
Why not just hang a Fall sign for pumpkins from it?

Up until last week I still had a few straggling hummies, so the feeder has been out. If you want to read about those amazing little birds and their migration south, then it will give you a new sense of wonder about how God is so evident in nature.

 Hard to get a picturesque shot from here, but an old ice cream maker bucket and a white washed apple basket are holding a few more mums, along with a few of my old watering cans.

Love the rusty patina on that old bucket.

Now, the deck would not be complete without a hidden camera shot of one of my little stinkers. This little fellow and a smaller one have been sneaking around here messing with the pumpkins and eating those "preserved" leaves that you find at Michael's and Hobby Lobby. I cannot imagine that they taste good, and could even be dangerous, but they have a fascination with them. Each day there are fewer of them in the basket...yuck.

no chewing on the pumpkins, please...

Hope you're having a great week. 
Fall is finally here, 
and I'm loving it!
(naughty squirrels and all)

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Friday, December 23, 2011

Back Door Christmas

Hey, look who's here out on the deck...
My little goosey has made herself a Christmas nest
out of some greens and a wheelbarrow.

I "shopped" the garage for some fun outside decor

A skinny tree in one of my vintage bushel apple baskets

an old red ladder and some ice skates.
( I didn't even remember these ice skates
 until I found them in a closet last week!!)
Note to self: organize and clean closets in January

Shhhhh....don't tell her, but she's just a plastic decoy...

She thinks she's mighty cute!

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