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Friday, August 13, 2010

Hoarders Party

Do you ever feel like this?
Drowning in a sea of stuff?

I know I have, and not THAT long ago.
In this last year of blogging
I've "outed" myself several times.

and now?...
things are much improved!

We've been on a major mission this summer to
clean up and get somewhat organized.

OK, how organized can you be if you have an antique mall space?
I'm just sayin'...

You HAVE to have a stash of stuff at the ready
since you never know when something will sell,
and hey, there has to be back up!

So these photos from my garage are really pretty good for ME!
Considering up until last fall you couldn't even get a car in here.

Now, instead of being packed to the ceiling,
 it's only half way up!

And my storage room downstairs has been lined with shelving
so you can actually get in there now without risking a trip to the ER!

So go and check out Shelly at Bungalow Bling
She's throwing a party for all us hoarders
and for the crafts that have gone wrong.
got any of those?


Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Summer Sale at Spring Creek

It's still hot, but I'd dreaming of fall.
I'm already seeing glimpses of leaves changing
and the retail stores have out their fall merchandise.

So I'm having a
Summer Sale at Spring Creek.

Most pieces are 20% off and some have been discounted.

I have a lot of fun things for fall,

So let's make some room!

If you haven't been in this summer
come by for lunch,
enjoy the raspberry tea and chicken salad, in the tea room,

And shop the sale.

I have lots of fun cottage-y items
that are looking for a good home!

And be sure and scroll down to the last post to enter my
 Design Your Own Give Away

Think some cool fall thoughts!


Thursday, April 22, 2010

I have a bad habit...

Well, yea, I have several, but one big one that is just because of laziness; Coming home with some great finds, and just leaving them in the garage all wrapped up or in a box. Sometimes I literally forget what I've purchased, only to weeks later be rummaging through things to see what to take to the booth space.

I showed you a photo of my garage last fall. I know, it was scary to witness that much stuff (really good stuff) lined up on both sides like the parting of the Red Sea. Moses would have himself been amazed at the precarious stacking and piling.

This was accomplished with the help of our son-in-law who is a master of organization. Uh huh, he organized, but then I couldn't find a blasted thing that I wanted, nor could I retrieve it, even if I did find it!

Well, that was last October and my husband has been "happier" because his vehicle didn't have to sit outside all winter, (of course mine did, but that's besides the point).

So..... I'm telling you all this backstory to say that I have a hundred great posts of good stuff just stashed out in the garage! I'm going to try to bring in a few things for mini photo shoots. It will help me in planning a display, and maybe you'll enjoy it too. I know what I love to see out there in blogland. I'm going to try to serve up a little.

I just love editing my photos, making them a little more "artsy".

This little screen I found last year and it was a real mess,
with several layers of wallpaper.
I stripped most of it off and white-washed it.
I think I'll use this for my backdrop.

Candlesticks found at Pheona's Market Sale last week.
And the "Baby Ben" clock, just like the one
I used during my teenage years.
Wow, was that thing slammed more than once!

Love this sepia photo of roses.

And one of my personal necklaces made out of an old shoe clip.

I'm holding on to this sweet little wire form,
I didn't find it cheap, but just had to have it.

I just changed my template to Minima Stretch
and I'm trying out the new mega sized photos,
with a neutral background.

I'm trying to rethink my own personal style here,
let me know what you think.

Now, just FYI, I only put out the garage photos
for those new to my blog...

just trying to keep it real folks.

love to you all,

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

White Wednesday; Spring in the Kitchen

Bunnies, chicks, and ducks oh my,
there seem to be a few of them in my kitchen.

I found this vintage Easter
 postcard print a couple of years ago
and framed it with a shabby little frame.

With the warmer weather I've opened the doors
to the sunroom and the kitties and I are enjoying
having our space back.
Don't tell them, they think it's "outside".

I found a few white things
on my flea market rounds recently and somehow
they've just landed in my kitchen.
Ever have that happen to you?

On their way to the antique mall booth...
but they just don't actually "get there"?

This old ironstone bowl, chips and all,
just needed to stay home with me.

Love those cracks and crazing.

Some napkins with a hint of spring color.

And an old concrete duckling waddled by...

I've never met a sugar bowl 
that I didn't fall in love with!
(even without the lid)

And my ironstone Homer Laughlin pitcher.

Bunn-bunn joins in the fun, too.

A few weeks ago at a city wide sale,
I found this little white cookbook holder.

Don't know what it's supposed to be,
or "used to be",
 but for now, it's a "cookbook holder".

1930 Kelvinator Fridge companion cookbook.

Everyone has room for a "Kelvinator"...

Don't ya just love these graphics?

An iron bird and a vintage bluebird tea towel
just say Spring.

Thank you Kathleen at Faded Charm!
Now go see what everyone else
is up to for White Wednesday.

Hope you're having a wonderful week!

 is just a week and a half away!


Saturday, March 20, 2010

I've been "nesting"...

In the Spring I'm all about birds

and nests,

and garden-y things.

I found this little birdie in the twigs
 at a local floral supply company.

So today I played a little and made some nests,

for Easter gifts

and for my new space at Spring Creek.

These are just a few,

I sort of went "bird brain" making them.

(I'm a messy crafter!)


I always want to fill up any kind of "container".

An old ironstone berry bowl...

or dainty creamer...

(oh shoot, I'm a sucker for fuzzy chicks)

or my ironstone kitchen pitcher.

Hope you're having a sweet weekend,
full of fun and things of Spring.

We just missed a snowstorm,
it's heading for Kansas City...
sorry y'all.

love ya,

Thursday, March 18, 2010

New Space at Spring Creek

It's finally here!
I moved in to my new space at
Spring Creek Antiques and Tea Room
in Ozark, Missouri
this week.

I had a little anxiety over posting these photos.
There are so many fabulous
and talented people out here.
A little intimidation, to say the least.

I began to wonder what had gotten in to me
to even talk about it...
Excitement I guess.

One thing I have learned in this last year
 of blogging is that we are all different...
And that's a good thing.
(at least I keep telling myself that)
So here are my humble offerings,
a lot cottage and a little shabby,
but hopefully something fun for everyone.

Just in time for Spring!


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