Thursday, April 22, 2010

I have a bad habit...

Well, yea, I have several, but one big one that is just because of laziness; Coming home with some great finds, and just leaving them in the garage all wrapped up or in a box. Sometimes I literally forget what I've purchased, only to weeks later be rummaging through things to see what to take to the booth space.

I showed you a photo of my garage last fall. I know, it was scary to witness that much stuff (really good stuff) lined up on both sides like the parting of the Red Sea. Moses would have himself been amazed at the precarious stacking and piling.

This was accomplished with the help of our son-in-law who is a master of organization. Uh huh, he organized, but then I couldn't find a blasted thing that I wanted, nor could I retrieve it, even if I did find it!

Well, that was last October and my husband has been "happier" because his vehicle didn't have to sit outside all winter, (of course mine did, but that's besides the point).

So..... I'm telling you all this backstory to say that I have a hundred great posts of good stuff just stashed out in the garage! I'm going to try to bring in a few things for mini photo shoots. It will help me in planning a display, and maybe you'll enjoy it too. I know what I love to see out there in blogland. I'm going to try to serve up a little.

I just love editing my photos, making them a little more "artsy".

This little screen I found last year and it was a real mess,
with several layers of wallpaper.
I stripped most of it off and white-washed it.
I think I'll use this for my backdrop.

Candlesticks found at Pheona's Market Sale last week.
And the "Baby Ben" clock, just like the one
I used during my teenage years.
Wow, was that thing slammed more than once!

Love this sepia photo of roses.

And one of my personal necklaces made out of an old shoe clip.

I'm holding on to this sweet little wire form,
I didn't find it cheap, but just had to have it.

I just changed my template to Minima Stretch
and I'm trying out the new mega sized photos,
with a neutral background.

I'm trying to rethink my own personal style here,
let me know what you think.

Now, just FYI, I only put out the garage photos
for those new to my blog...

just trying to keep it real folks.

love to you all,


  1. hahaha, my garage looks exactly the same!!!!

  2. Wow, you've got some great stuff sitting in that garage! And, that's just what I can see!

  3. My garage, my spare bedrooms, my basement, my car.... you should see my car! Jennifer one has to have a sense of humor! come visit me again at jennsthreegraces

  4. Debra amor, your garage looks like my bebe art studio, I too come home with bags of amazing finds and put them in there, forgetting what I bought, stacking the bags, boxes, praying they don't fall and ruin some of my wonderful treasures that I actually do forget about till I hear a thud or a crash and run in there to see what fell and I look into the bags and remember the wonderful find and where I got them and then I am amazed at the great stuff I have and, I really need to put things away and use my studio....and then I look at the room with the sea of bags, boxes and things and I think....My stars that is a lot of crap and I look around to see if anyone saw me there...nope, I'm safe and I reclose the pocket doors and run for my life :) sad I know...but tis my truth lol Besos, Rose

    ps...thank you for keeping it real and reminding me of what I have to do...I can't even think of how many posts I have there with all those wonderful treasures...oh well...maybe tomorrow :)

  5. Can I can shop in the garage???? Girl you better drag those treasures out and use them for something!!!! Oh I love the dress form! Be blessed. Cindy
    P.S. I do love your artsy photos!

  6. Hmmm.... I don't think that's a bad habit - I think it's your version of "birthday presents" each and every time you go dig around in your garage. LOLOL

    Organization. What would it take to get that boy to Texas and into my laboratory? I'd let him have free reign... and you can take stuff back home with you (we'll call it commission)and a few weeks after THAT you will be all like, "oh my gosh! oh my GOODNESS! how fantastic!"

    I LOVE your necklace!!! And your wire dress form, and - and - and! Aren't the big pictures so FUN?! I like 'em!!!

    much love, robelyn

  7. Love that your keeping it real...your awesome that way;)!

    I adore a girl that knows how to of life's greates pleasures;) and you obviously know how to shop!

    What a fun post!


  8. wow debra! i wouldn't mind goig on a shopping spree in YOUR garage! such treasures! :)

  9. I would love to come play in your garage!! It sounds like the perfect place to hunt for goodies. I love the dress form. A girl just can't have enough of them in my opinion! Thanks for sharing your cool pictures.

  10. I would love to shop in your garage! I could spend a day there I am sure finding treasures.

  11. Ha Ha my son organized for me yesterday, but he is over 6'4", so I will not be able to reach a thing! What a spectacular dress form, your photos are stunning, love the screen. It has the perfect patina now! Lezlee

  12. know I want to just go diggin' in your garage don't you?! What fun I'd have!


    my garage looks just like yours did in your previous post,plus...(true confession)
    I have things in my car I haven't and this really shows you how great minds think alike-
    I am going to try and change my blog design too.
    Right before I visited yours this evening, I thought to myself,
    Hmmm. I want to get rid of those blue borders so my pictures can be bigger.



    Do you use windows live writer or blogger to post?

  14. Oh what neat treasures you have, I would love to come rummage through your garage, lol looks so neat now, how can you find anything though? I know you must have a good memory.
    Lots of Hugs, Barbara

  15. Thanks for real AND from a newbie! Fabulous photos. It's what I'm looking for too. JQ

  16. Hi Debra,
    You are one of the most down to earth, keepin it real gal that I know. I adore you!
    I would also love to go shopping in your garage as many other posters have expressed.
    Your style is amazing. The vingette is a mixture of rusty, chippy, vintage and soft loveliness....about as real as it gets. Keep showing us more.


  17. I immediately bonded with you when you said your husband gets upset if he cannot get his vehicle in the garage and yours has been out in the weather all winter. I am exactly the same.
    My husband puts his vehicle in the garage while mine is out, but he simply tells me it is all my junk filling it in the first place.
    Now I feel I have another friend who faces the same every year.
    Loved your post.

  18. Hi Debra,
    What fabulous finds... just think it is like getting treasures all over again- but this time you don't have to pay for them! I love that wire dress form! So many fun things!!!


  19. Hey there ~ I just told my husband how funny it is that many of us in blogland seem tohave the many of the same "bad habits". He wasn't amused:)I literally find bags and boxes all over the car and garage. And again, no one has used our garage in over a year - I love the new layout and how nice and organized your garage looks. May I borrow your son in law please?

  20. I think I would have sooo much fun going shopping in your have wonderful pieces! love that wire dress form...

  21. Love that necklace. My Mom has some wonderful old shoe clips,You just gave me a great idea. I might have to borrow one of hers, Kathysue

  22. it. Great photos:)

  23. Wow Deb, I looove all your 'STUFF'!!! OMGoodness, it must have been so dern hard after your sweet son-in-law organized it...I know in my un-organized mess where most things are, or close to it, I so feel your pain! Your photo's are fabulous! Thanks for stopping by my blog, your sweet comment and for following me! :) (another) Debbie @ Cottage Hann~Me~Downs

  24. Debra,
    I adore your beautiful works of art...the photo shopping is the best, and ooooh! so Romantic Homes Magazine look and style.

    See you soon

  25. Hello Debra, WOW! Can I relate to that garage thing! My husband complains all the time! I love your new photos~so soft and dreamy!! Keep up the good work of entertaining us!!! Love, Julie

  26. I feel for you with the garage. Luckily, I have a downstairs room I can clutter too. I'm really liking your solid background -- it makes your pics really show up.

  27. Debra, I am constantly putting boxes of stuff in the garage~ my husband would be very happy to get our garage like yours! LOL! Love your's just beautiful!

  28. Your new template looks fantastic, Debra!
    And I have a feeling it's only going to get better and better!


  29. Debra, Why don't you let us come to your garage and shop and then you won't have to haul it to your booths! Boy, I could stay in there for a while!!!

  30. Sounds like you should sponsor a "show-us-your-garage" day! It's comforting to know others have the same challenge. (Just wish I had the same talent for arranging those great vignettes...)

  31. Yep - keep it real! You are so funny - and I liked seeing your real garage!!!

  32. Debra, I love all your pictures, looks like you have some great treasures in that garage. My husband would'nt let me store anything in the garage, I guess because I have things everywhere else, my spare bedrooms, my shop at the house, I have a 2200 square foot building in town, that is full of my stuff. My husband does'nt say alot about all the stuff, well maybe he does, but anyway he bought himself a pickup that was to large for our garage, so it was'nt long before I was having to get into my pickup on the passenger side because I had put so much stuff in the garage, well it was'nt long after that I could'nt even get my truck in the garage, but I have recently cleaned it out I could'nt even stand it myself. It's hard but I'm trying to keep it cleaned out. Sorry for such a long story!! Blessings~~~ Daphne

  33. What a sweet little baby ben! Beautiful photos! Have a nice weekend!

  34. Oh Debra, I feel your pain. I have a storage area that is filled to the top with similar items and about that many. My Niece helped me and organized it and I can't find anything either. When I look for something, I have to open every tub:) Have a blessed day my friend!

  35. Oooo, I spy some things in your garage I'd love to sneak off with! Love the screen, it makes a fabulous backdrop.
    I finally got my enchanted garden started! It will be at the end of my Pink Saturday post this week. Once the vines grow some more I plan to add some more stuff to it and do a blog post on it. Thank you for the inspiration and tips!

  36. love the screen for your background.... I just couldn't stand to have all my stuff put into plastic bins.... I get the car in the garage for winter thing!!! You are right on of blog love for vignettes.....thanks for feeding my need!


  37. Thanks for the job oportunity, too bad I am so far away. Thanks for the compliments, I really do enjoy painting and I'm glad it shows.
    Now back to your garage, I definately see so many treasures in there. I love the wire form is awsome. Have fun digging out your treasures. I should show my husband your garage, you make me look good. Have a great weekend.

  38. Debra,

    You are not alone, my friend. I think the bigger the house, the more 'stuff' we accumulate - all great stuff mind you. I love the things you shared!


  39. so relate to that whole stacking/ finding later thing. messy, but fun when you find things. =)

    enjoying my short visit here while back not hurting as much.

    hugs and blessings

    Barbara jean


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