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St. Patrick's Inspiration in the Cupboard

Hi Friends. Here it is the end of February with St. Patrick's Day coming up, but most importantly Easter is early this year. I'm trying to do a little of "the green stuff", while at the same time bringing out some Easter goodies to get started on Spring. 

I really enjoy taking my time and enjoying the transition from Winter to Spring, but once again I'm somewhere in the middle. So I'm sharing some St. Patrick's Day inspiration while trying to get a few Easter ideas in motion.

You all know each season and holiday I look forward to decorating and styling the Holiday Cupboard. But this year, stressed for time, I'm sharing my St. Patrick's Cupboard stylings from the last several years.

Since celebrating the Irish, I'm all about the color "green", and not so much vintage pieces of holiday décor. Green transferware and ivy pottery, bits and pieces of green depression glass kitchen shakers, cottage teapots, and old world prints mingle amid the ironstone tureens.

Vintage postcards set the mood by adding graphics and color.

Decorating the cupboard doors is another way to share holiday fun and color.

As it moves toward spring I bring out my French Faience Pottery which is designed with florals in bright spring and summer colors. The lovely fresh color mixes well with my green and red transferware. Even a bit of brown transferware can accent the woody fois bois handles of the pieces.

A vintage Ivy Pottery Cup with a green ribbon accents a moss shamrock I found a few years ago on Etsy. I often keep the doors open, but I want to be festive even with the doors closed.

Whoops, I see a moss bunny eagerly waiting for Easter.

Small vintage cottage prints are scattered through the cupboard in this styling.

The English cottage pitcher below is one of my favorite pieces of cottageware.

Sheep frequently meander through the shelves.

Birds in nests are making themselves at home here in the cupboard. Outdoors, our ardent little sparrow guy is busily making nests look enticing to the girls. He's a bit early but very persistent. We have nesting boxes in the front and back porches and he goes back and forth hoping to get some attention.

Thanks for coming by... I hope you're enjoying better weather and not in the deep freeze. Below are the links to the different pics in the post. 

Bring on the Green in the Holiday Cupboard


  1. Oh Debra this is just beautiful. You know I have always loved your cupboard and how you decorate it. This is really so so pretty. Love the green transferware. I just did a DNA kit and found out I am 50% Irish who knew. So that is probably why I love it so much lol! Happy Friday. Hugs. Kris

    1. Those DNA kits are amazing. I loved seeing the specific regions of my origins. Have a special and fun St. Patty's this year! Thanks for always coming to visit, Kris. Happy weedend!

  2. I love green and have so little of it. This cupboard is quite perfect. Do love that transferware pitcher and all the sweet touches like the wee pictures! Lovely as always, Debra!

    1. Thankyou Jeanie. I'm gathering things for the Easter Cupboard as we speak. Have a great weekend!

  3. Debra, this gorgeous. I enjoy seeing how you change this cupboard for the seasons. You have so many great collections of transferwares and bits and pieces.

    1. Thankyou Cindy. I always love hearing from you. I hope you're doing well and looking forward to spring! Big hugs!

  4. Lovely as always Debra. I really love the simplicity of the shamrock hanging with the tea cup. Such a pretty detail. I'm with you, I am so conflicted between St. Patricks and Easter and springtime in general. It all seems clumped together this year. It's a wonderful problem to have I guess. Have a fabulous day and thanks for the eye candy as always. XO- MaryJo

  5. Debra, it is always a delight to see your shelf vignettes. You do the best job! Love the green transferware and the ivy pieces. I have a set of salad plates in the Wedgwood Napoleon Ivy. Love that pattern! Your green depression glass and shakers and cottage teapots are all fabulous. Mixing in the old world prints among the ironstone tureens is a perfect touch. Like I said, you do the best job!
    Tell me about the French pottery. Is it marked? I'd love to know more. Happy Spring!

  6. How beautiful is your cupboard Debra! English pottery is so elegant. I love the green decorations of landscapes and glimpses of nature on the dishes. I have some too. In Italy we don't celebrate St. Patrick's Day. What a pity


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