Friday, October 20, 2023

Woodland Vibes on the Fall Mantel

Hi Friends, welcome to my late October Hearth Room! If you've known me long you know that I gravitate to woodsy, vintage themes in the hearth room and on the mantel, especially during the fall season. Quilts, pillows and accessories all take on the colors of the season to create a cozy space for relaxing and conversation.

Earlier this fall I brought out my colorful fall leaf wreath to hang on the "Frenchy" vintage mirror that permanently hangs above the mantel. It doesn't have decoration on it, just a mass of colorful autumn hues. That wreath hearkens the change of seasons and the many fall leaves around us just waiting to show up. 

We live in SW Missouri where deciduous trees are plentiful, but we usually don't get full leaf peak until the last of October and first of November. So during the months of September and early October my colorful leaf wreath helps fulfill my need for a gorgeous display of leaf color. We've had a good amount of rain this late summer and early fall so I'm hoping that the trees will really show off in the next few weeks.

I'm a nature lover and gravitate toward vintage pieces that convey the feeling of fall. Owls, squirrels and other small furry critters can always be found throughout the seasons and frequently on the autumn mantel.

Last week I shared my Snow Owls that are currently on the Entry Console welcoming us throughout the late October season. So this week my favorite fall critters showed up on the mantel. My concrete garden owl and my very old chalk squirrel bank. A paper collage of illustrated owls was created years ago and it's framed in an old clock glass cover case. (sorta spooky) Here's the start of putting the mantel together as I perched a few crows out to keep the critters company.

It looks like these two are sharing a conversation. We have a lot of crows in this area, and I've been amazed at the intelligence and habits they exhibit. Although they have the horribly bad habit of taking bird eggs and hatchlings, they hate the hawks and defend their territory fiercely.

 We had a small crow "family" last year; mom, dad, and baby. They gave us hours of hilarity with baby crows antics. Learning to be a crow can be rigorous. They stuck together all summer and winter hanging out in the back yard and electric lines. All three of them. In the early spring one of them lay dead on the ground but the other two watched over it until my husband could take it away. They gave each other "comfort" and affection as they mourned. Hard to believe birds could show affection, but they did.


I bought the orange and black linen pillow covers several years ago on Amazon, and have used them each October since. The orange/black color scheme is so fun for late October.

You know I love mixing and matching fabric patterns, and these check covers look perfect with my favorite Brown Waverly floral pillows. My small plaid quilt back gives a perfect background for all the textures and patterns for fall.

As I've mentioned before, a TV is hidden inside the armoire.

The cobbler's bench which is my coffee table in this small space, is holding a vintage black graphic tray with a white vintage mixing bowl filled with fall potpourri and scented naturals. I made the super simple moss ball topiary years ago. 

How's your fall leaf show coming along?

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  1. I love all the critters! Makes me want to go shopping and find more. I have one squirrel and one owl. Sooo not enough! pinned

    1. thanks Cindy, I've always loved little woodland critters. I have to watch the squirrels and chipmunks every evening. Lately we've had a possum around. He's not near as cute, haha!

  2. This is lovely, Debra. That wreath is especially beautiful.

  3. Ok, It's Wendy, I am trying again, LOL. I opened an incognito window and I am going anonymous!

  4. Yeah, that worked. So now I am trying to put my name in!

  5. Replies
    1. so sorry, thanks for being diligent and patient with antique technology!!

  6. Love your woodland creatures. Everything looks wonderful. Happy Friday. Have a great weekend. Hugs. Kris

  7. Your mantel is dressed perfectly for the season. I love the colorful autumn wreath and your critters! We normally have beautiful fall color, but we have had little rain for the past 2 1/2 months. Wishing you a beautiful autumn season, Debra!
    Pam @ everydayliving


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