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Autumn Greetings from the Cottage Front Porch

Hello friends, so hard to imagine we've now moved into October, my favorite month of the year. And my favorite season to decorate the front porch. Welcome to the "Falling for Porches" Porch Hop hosted by our dear friend Laura from Decor to Adore.

If you're coming from visiting Kim, from Cottage in the Mitten Hello! I'm so glad you're here and following the Hop! 

We just passed our 5 year anniversary for owning this house and the front porch has gone through a change or two in these last 5 years. It's one of the larger porches we've had over the years; not huge, but big enough to have a bench and a few spots for flowers and porch vignettes. The biggest change up was my plan to go from 60's mid-century ranch (when we bought it) to a "stretch" English cottage. It fell somewhere in the middle!

We ripped out the overload of wrought iron columns and railings and replaced them with painted white heavy cedar columns and beams known as a Timber Frame Front Porch. That brought us a long way to have a comfy rustic looking porch that works with vintage pieces.

Each season I look forward to creating a fun and cozy outdoor space to enjoy the Autumn breezes, wildlife, and admire the gorgeous trees in our neighborhood. Before we moved here I found this antique train depot metal and wood bench which fits perfectly on the porch. I try to decorate it differently each season with fall color, mums and pumpkins. Adding a few vintage accessories to the porch, makes it a bit different each year. 

I've always loved old wheelbarrows, goat carts and wagons for porch décor. Lately I've been using a mini wheelbarrow that I bought years ago. It's not too big so as to cause a problem navigating the porch; just big enough for a few pumpkins or gourds and a couple of rustic accessories. This year I have a birdhouse, deer shed antler, and an old rake head inside.

A few weeks ago I restyled my late summer gray washed door basket for a more Fall look. It had been filled with sunflowers, but now that it's mid-fall I'm using hydrangeas, fall leaves and berries. I tied and fashioned a large burlap ribbon layered with an orange plaid ribbon on top.

I have to wire the ribbon to the basket to keep it from blowing around from the wind that comes in from the west. I can't tell you how many times our Ring Doorbell has gone off in the middle of the night with wild ribbons flying around. not fun. Darker faux hydrangeas and fall leaves are my go-to flowers for my fall floral arrangements.

We live in an older subdivision from the 50's to the 70's with tons of large nut trees. And where there are an abundance of trees there are an abundance of squirrels and wildlife with squirrels, chipmunks, deer and geese. After being here for 5 years I've realized it's futile to think pumpkins will survive long, even on the front porch. Last year I put out my haul of gorgeous pumpkins, took pictures the next day and then within 24 hours they each had bite marks on them. 

(metal pumpkins seem to do better than real.)

I did find a few nice mums though, so hopefully I can make up for lack of real pumpkins with some pretty mums. I'm using a big farm crate with "1000 Grand" on the label. Not sure what this was for, but it's a fun crate with room for bigger mums to be displayed.

A vintage wicker basket is filled with dried gourds, faux pumpkins and foliage.

When we bought this home the front door was painted a neon color of orange, which was way too bright and off putting, but gave me an idea that that color range would work for a door color. So this color, Spicy Hue from Sherwin Williams is a darker more subdued color that works perfectly for fall décor. 

I found the hand painted "Autumn Greetings" sign a few years ago at my fave vintage market. This year I'm using a combo of orange/white Buffalo Check and brown plaid pillow covers. A burlap Frenchie grain sack is folded over the metal back of the bench. The gray louvered shutters behind the bench had been used in the entry of our last house. They didn't work in the entry here, but work great to show off the bench on the porch.

A few years ago I found these gold and burgundy faux mums at Hobby Lobby and they have worked great. When you have squirrels and chipmunks you know that they cannot pass up a bare patch of dirt. It's the perfect spot for burying their nut stash.

I'm taking my chances with these rust colored mums in the vintage urns on either side of the steps.

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Hope you'll come back by and visit for new Fall and Holiday fun.

Thanks for coming by and be sure and hop over to visit Emily at La Cultivateur and her beautiful Autumn Porch Ideas. And a big thankyou to Laura at Decor to Adore, who is hosting this fun Hop with her Creative and Free Fall Porch Decor. 

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  1. Debra your porch is pretty as ever. I agree when you use real pumpkins and gourds those little squirrels and ground squirrels just have a feast. Have a great week. Hugs. Kris

  2. Debra you have such a gift for creating truly lovely and eye catching displays. I adore the bench! I've pinned and will be featuring on IG and FB. Thank you so much for joining the hop.

  3. You always create the most amazing seating areas, Debra! They make me want to bring over a cup of hot cider and snuggle up with a good book. I love the way your porch came together. The pops of orange and plaids mixed with the mums and pumpkins are so pretty. Big hugs, CoCo

  4. Since I want to stop and gawk at your porch, I know the neighbors do too! Every nook and cranny has something beautiful to see. Even the shutters behind the bench look fantastic! Hope your ring door bell doesn't give you fits this season. I think we may be the only house in the neighborhood that doesn't have one. ;) pinned

  5. I am loving the bursts of orange and brown plaids, pumpkins, and mums Debra. The basket of pumpkins and your bench are just a few of my favorites on your porch. So inspiring my friend.

  6. Yes, we have the most pesky chipmunks and gray squirrels, too! They dig in my pots and spill dirt everywhere:( I started using Irish Spring soap flakes around & hope that will dissuade them. Always love seeing all your vintage finds, Debra! They are perfect with Fall decor. Can't believe it's been 5 years already; seems like you just moved in!

    1. I need to try the Irish Spring! I've used peppermint spray concentrate on flowers and cushions, but they are hard to deter. Hate to say it, but it's nice to know other people have the same problem. Unfortunately I think they're cuties, so I'm not a good deterrent myself. haha.

  7. Debra, you know I'm a fan of your decor inside and out. How fun to have transformed this porch. Love the idea of a bench on the porch, though ours is too small to add one. I'd have to remove the potted plant by the front door, and a bench would have to be very narrow. I'll just admire yours! Love the fall pillows and wreath. I just ordered some fall plaids and checks for some pillows to add here and there. Thanks for the inspiration. Happy Fall!

    1. Thanks Sarah, your outdoor areas are so gorgeous, just like a park. I always love coming by to see what you've decorated!

  8. Your porch is so beautiful and so welcoming!! I love all the colors that you used -- so pretty!!! Happy fall!!!!

  9. You are so lucky to have such a lovely entrance area. With all the flowers and your wonderful vintage, it's such a warm welcome to whomever comes to your door. I love it.

  10. Your porch is lovely. I adore the sweet Fall touches.

  11. You have such a big wonderful porch, I love it. Having the bench is such a perfect place to sit and a perfect place to decorate and welcome your guests. I love the shutters as the backdrop too. You've created a beautiful and inviting space.

  12. Your porch looks SO pretty, Debra!! I love all of the mums you used, especially in that fantastic wooden crate! Each piece of vintage decor looks amazing in the way you have placed it. Those faux pumpkins don't look faux to me at all!! Hope you are enjoying the season!

  13. Your porch looks beautiful Debra! I completely understand about the squirrels, we live in the woods and our yard is full of them. They are so cute to watch, but I soooo wish they'd stay out of my pots....I know in all reality that's probably not happenin', ever,....but a girl can dream I guess lol! Awesome that you found a metal pumpkin for your porch, and I'd have never thought the others you have are faux. Thanks for sharing the info about the bites that were taken in the real ones you'd had, in previous years.....because I was wanting some pumpkins for outside, but I'd have to cry if I loaded them up, set them out, and found bites in them.....they are heavy (and pricey in my area).... I'm serious, I'd cry. It was so fun seeing your pretty will be the perfect spot for you to sit and rest a while, and enjoy the autumn breeze.

  14. Your porch looks so pretty dressed up for fall Debra! Love the mums and the oversized basket with the gourds and pumpkins. Just beautiful!

  15. I always enjoy reading about your squirrels and chipmunks Debra because I know how mischievous they can be. I enjoy watching them with our pup in the backyard, they always make me laugh. Your front porch looks so welcoming, I do love those older homes. You’ve done a wonderful job making it into a cottage.

  16. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! I love the faux pumpkins, they look great. I took a chance too with the real pumpkins and mums. It's our first fall for decorating so we will see how it goes. So far, so good. I love the plaid pillows of course and I really love the plaid ribbon on the door basket since it has so much green. Cute crate with the mums and the faux mums in the apple baskets look so real! I love your timber beams and slate porch and of course the persimmon door. Such a great color choice. Do you love the slate? Thinking about it for our porch.

    On our way to NY to see our boy!

    Have a great weekend!


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