Thursday, December 17, 2020

A Scottish Christmas in the Holiday Cupboard

Hi Friends, it's always fun when it's time to share the Holiday Cupboard! Whatever the season, I look forward to creating a new display filled with vintage goodness and a bit of a theme going on. This Christmas it has a dotting of little ceramic white houses along with some of my vintage Tartan Scottish Biscuit and candy tins.

The Holiday Cupboard is in the Garden Room/sunroom along the back of the house. If you've been around this last year you'll remember that I've had this cupboard for years, but now I'm actually able to decorate it to my little heart's content. The Garden Room is my therapy/playroom; always fun to decorate and putz around in. 

I started collecting the little ceramic houses a few years ago when they became popular. The first year I was a little late to the game and most places were sold out, but last year and this season I tried to think ahead to see what was available. I found my latest pieces from Target, but I think they sold out pretty quickly. There have been some really adorable posts from people who have made their own and I'd like to try some paper ones at some point. They are such a fun addition to a collection of dishes or transferware; just about anything!

Because of my love of Tartan plaid, I started collecting the Scottish tins. I've really missed antiquing and shopping the fleas this last year, because the Holiday season is the best time to locate so many fun vintage items.

Sheep and a few reindeer are scattered around the tureens and red transferware.

These little plaid houses are ornaments that match the larger
plaid house that I shared in the Christmas Kitchen last week.

sweet little lamby faces.

The little round tin with the castle (above) is a toffee tin from Leeds.

Most of my little sheep have been collected from vintage nativity sets.
And the white matte flower pot is McCoy.

Butter"scotch" tin from Edward Sharp and Sons, Kent, England.

If you can stand more...
I'll be sharing the rest of the Garden Room this weekend. 
If you'd like to check out last year's Christmas Cupboard 
you can catch it HERE. 

Hope you're having a great week!

Come by Monday evening at 6:00 Central and join us.

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  1. Loving your cupboard, it's so fun to use what we already have to make our vignettes! Have a wonderful Holiday season! Sandi

  2. Your cabinet is just beautiful Debra. Love it all. Happy Wednesday. xoxo Kris

  3. Such a pretty and festive display. Especially love the vintage sheep and reindeer!!

  4. Hi Debra, I was just going to ask you where you get all of your sweet sheep when you said you have collected many of them from vintage Nativity sets. Do you mean that you've purchased them out of the Nativity sets, or that you purchased the Nativity sets and then took the sheep out for your display? In other words, did they allow you to purchase the sheep separately from the Nativity set? (It seems like just purchasing the sheep would be much more cost effective for your sheep collection than buying the whole Nativity--though I just realized that I have at least six Nativity sets in various forms!) I have a small collection of sheep, too. My favorite is a lamb carved from olive wood that I purchased in Bethlehem! I enjoy your changing displays in your Garden Room--and of course, your sheep! Merry Christmas, Debra!

    1. Hi Marilyn, your olive wood sheep from Bethlehem sounds wonderful, what a keepsake. I realized afterward that my sheep explanation sounded ambiguous. I have collected lots of nativity "animals" over the years. One time I found a bag full of sheep at a flea market that someone else had collected. I have had several vintage nativity sets over the years, but the sheep are always the most sought after. I've never met a lamb or sheep that I didn't love! haha. Hope you're having a wonderful Christmas season!

    2. Thank you, that makes sense. Yes, I love them, too. They remind me of "The Lamb of God, who took away the sins of the world--Jesus."

  5. I love how you stacked the old boxes of ornaments on the chair and all of the Scottish tins.

  6. It's so fun. I love seeing all of your fabulous collectables.

  7. Wonderful decoration, simple but with a lot of Christmas color. Congratulations and Happy Holidays

  8. I love this, and it may be my favorite of all your vignettes this holiday season! Best of all, I love that you call this your therapy/playroom. It's therapy for me to see your therapy exercises! Love the sheep and the tartan houses.

  9. Enjoyed your tour. Merry Christmas! Sharon

  10. Always love how you decorate your hutch but this year with all those little lambs... It's my fave! So cute. Merry Christmas!

  11. I've never seen the Scottish tins! My best friend is Scottish. She would LOVE these. I like the lambs but I only have a couple. Hope to find more. I have a lot of my Gram's Shiny Brite ornaments. mostly with boxes. I had the bigger green boxes but they just fell apart eventually & I just couldn't fix them anymore!

  12. From one Scot to another, I LOVE the tins!!! After researching my family's ancestry, I found out I am 96% Scottish, Irish, English and Welsh, with 48% Scottish. :) Enough about that... I love your sheep, too. I never seem to find any but then I haven't been out antiquing either. Maybe next year!

    Enjoy your beautiful sunroom and Happy Christmas!
    With a wreath-full of hugs,
    Barb :)

  13. Wish I had more red transfer ware. . . . I collect the white houses as well. I also use paper house ornaments in my vignettes around the house. As usual this sunroom is lovely for the holiday season. xo Kathleen


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