Thursday, January 17, 2019

New House Journal: Moving little by little

We have one "move" down, probably two more to go. We are using a small moving company that we've used before and found a few guys that we really trust. They are amazingly careful and so far have been able to get some BIG furniture down the stairs. My hubby has taken my office furniture and computer apart for this week's installment, so it may be a bit before I can get pics for posts, other than phone shots.

I know you've seen this view of the Hearth Room before, (you can see my office beyond the French Doors) but the one big change is the addition of the armoire which will hold the TV. I've had this idea in my head since we first saw the house, and knew I could have a sitting area around the fireplace. It's been iffy if the armoire would actually fit this smallish space. We put the armoire together ourselves because it's a bit tricky, sort of like a big puzzle box with 6 main pieces, small braces, and pegs.

I have the old steamer trunk as a side table here too; don't know if it will stay here, but I'm hoping so. It was one of my first projects after we put a contract on the house. I knew if I would ever be able to get it re-done, it would have to be before we moved.

My husband is doing everything he can to make this actual move "less stress". So far so good. Last week we got most of the basement Living Room furniture, Dining Room, Hubbs office, and part of the Living Room. I used the carpet cleaner on the big area rugs and runners and that was really a major job. I love the rugs, but they are wool and have a lot of "shed". It was pretty messy and I ended up with a bout of allergies with sneezing and sniffles, generally feeling like I was coming down with something. Since they've dried I'm ok; next time I'll use a mask. They were pretty dirty from traffic and cat related debris, so a good cleaning was necessary.

Speaking of rugs, this is a pic of the rugs we bought for the casual Dining Area in the sunroom and the Hearth Room. They are from Overstock; very heavy and dense, no rug pad needed. The lighter color rugs have less "shed" than the darker ones, not sure why, but it diminishes with regular vacuuming.

          Hand-tufted Traditional Coliseum Vanilla Floral Border Wool Area Rug - 8' Square

We have another move tomorrow that will be taking another third of the house. Guest Bedroom, my office, Living Room Sofas and side tables, the rest of the basement, and more misc. boxes. Then we'll have a couple of weeks trying to finish up for the rest of the stuff.

On a side note, I need to do a major purge of clothes which is hard for me. Over this last 2 years, because of all the Autoimmune revelations I've lost over 30 pounds. I've had to rethink all my food choices to remove Gluten and Dairy, and it worked. The point is, if I'd followed all the advice "out there" I would have given everything away and wouldn't have had anything to wear when it started coming off. Now, I'm in the middle of trying to see what clothing still works and what needs to go. I guess now's a good time to do it since I'm really limited on closet space. I'm definitely not complaining, just having to rethink.

I'll check in after this next round with a few "during" pics. I'm not to the decorating stage, just showing you how things are coming together. Have a great weekend!

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  1. I love seeing this! Your vision appears to be right on, Debra, with everything fitting. Are those little pads under the trunk permanent or just to help moving? The rug is pretty and the floor is gorgeous.
    I purged a trunk load of clothes last week, and have been purging paper this week. Six file cabinets moved from my husband's office almost a decade ago just meant more paper accumulated during that time. Oh my. But I did find a shredding company that comes on site to shred, yay!
    Good luck with the next moves. What a job!

    1. The pads are sliders and temporary. we'll have to move all the stuff around to get the rest of the furniture through to the rest of the house. don't want to scratch up those floors! Purging paper is another complete ordeal that we need to deal with at some point. My husband is in charge of that thank goodness!

  2. You are moving right takes so much time and you want to be careful and get plenty of rest in between!! I love those furniture sliders, what a great idea. I recently switched around 3 bedrooms and those sliders are a God send. Now I am back in my original master bedroom and the other 2 bedrooms have my office and craft room. A bit crowded in those rooms but I am so happy to be back in the big bedroom and have wonderful closet space!! It was like 'camping out' for the past 10 years!!

    The clothing is cleaned out and gone and now am also working on the paper purge.....what a job!! Happy New Year!!!

    1. sounds like you had a major project going on! I've been living in a really cramped office myself. wall to wall furniture, no room to turn around and no place to do any crafting or even organizing. I'm hoping that I can go into this with more organization and productivity. Glad you've got things under control, I'm may need to hire you to help!

  3. All is looking good Debra. I love love that armoire and the vintage cases on top is so wonderful. I am so happy you have found things in your diet that were causing your auto immune issues to be worse. I am doing this very same thing now too.
    So happy for you that you lost so much weight too. Win win! Have a great rest of the week.

    1. thanks Kris, I'm so glad you're approaching Autoimmune from many directions. I cannot believe that I saw 7 or 8 doctors, including neurologists, rheumatologists, internists and not one of them took the concept of Gluten seriously. I've learned over and over again that we have to do research ourselves and that includes trying things with diet and supplements. I hope things start improving quickly for you!

  4. Wow, that's a huge move, I do not envy you one bit, I hate moving!! Looking forward to seeing how you settle into your new house, though!

  5. Oh wow, it is all looking sooooo good. I can't wait to see you add all your decor touches.

  6. Debra,
    I adore how the armoire fills the vertical space in the room!
    You have great vision for how your furniture pieces will work within the space.
    That steamer trunk is stunning!
    I'm thrilled that you're sharing about your move in phases.
    Little~by~little your plan is coming together, quite lovely!

  7. It's already coming together! So sorry about the allergies from cleaning....

    I am just so excited to see this all come together!

  8. I love the armoire. It's perfect for hiding a T.V. We did that for years and I wish we still had the one in the living hidden. Oh well. Good for you. Losing 30 lbs is quite an accomplishment. It sounds like it's time to buy new clothes. You'll have to do a purge and fashion post. I'm sorry about the allergies. I hope it's gone for now.

  9. My husband lost about 70 pounds too and doesn't want to give up his favorite clothes. I learned to take a photo of him in his T-shirt and sweats, which are way too big and show him it. He's now wearing the new clothes I bought him finally and we donated some of the old stuff. Recommend you have your hubby take a photo if you're on the fence about a piece of clothing.


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