Thursday, January 10, 2019

New House Journal: Laundry Room Update

We didn't do a lot of huge projects here at the new house, but we had a lot of medium and small re-dos. The laundry room/bath was one of the bigger projects. I'll share the "after" photos first so you won't get totally grossed out. If you've ever done a bath renovation you will know what I mean. It can be pretty ugly when you're down to the plumbing and bare walls. This wasn't a flashy makeover, we just wanted a clean fresh look in this space that will be used multiple times a day. Since I don't have a dedicated, guest friendly "powder room", I'm sure this will be a default bathroom that company will wander into.

As I've mentioned before, this house was built in 1964 and one of the trends at that time was combining a half bath with the laundry. It may have been an easy option for the builder and plumbers, but as far as I'm concerned it's much preferable to have two separate spaces. Having to look at dirty baskets of laundry and share your potty with the cat box isn't really a trend that I can see many people going for. (We bought a new dryer to match our existing washer, so that's why we just have the one sitting there by it's lonesome)

The wall tile in here was original to the house, as were the cabinets over the washer/dryer, and the vanity and mirror. I've painted over tile before and you have to be really careful of brush marks (a foam roller is the best method) A new tile floor and granite vanity top had helped, but the rest was caught in a time warp. And did I mention that it was mauve? ...yes. (Beware listing photos; they are often not true to color)

Listing Photo

Back to now

I knew that removing the old tile on the walls would leave us with a real mess, so I decided bead board would cover all that up. It did, and it turned out with a modern farmhouse look that is in keeping with the kitchen and mudroom. 

Demo Day

The mirror was also original, and it took us a little brainstorming to figure out how to hang a new mirror over the beadboard top molding. We used wood blocks screwed into the wall to even it all up and hang correctly. We're the perfect "couple" as we each have half a working brain, then we put the two halves together to come up with a plan.

I used Agreeable Gray from Sherwin Williams on the walls, and I think it looks really pretty with the bright white trim, beadboard, and cabinets. It looks pretty bland in here right now, so I'm looking forward to dressing it up a little with some artwork and accessories.

We found a Shaker style vanity to replace the 60's holdout, but instead of installing completely new wall cabinets, we opted for just replacing the doors with new Shaker style doors that are similar to the kitchen. The Mudroom cabinets (below) were the same. We painted all the doors ourselves and let's just say I painted cabinets in my sleep. It was time consuming and tedious, but saved us a ton of money.

We have our first load of furniture from the old house to the new house this week. We've been bringing boxes of decor things that I didn't want to pack and they're temporarily in the Sunroom. I'm so grateful for the space that's in the new place. It's been a long road getting things accomplished at the new house, but it's allowed me to "get to know" the new place and appreciate it more. We have so much to do outside, but that will come in time and with some warm weather. This place is definitely a work in progress.
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  1. Debra,
    LOVE Agreeable Gray from Sherwin~ Williams!
    It looks amazing in your space!
    I agree. . .fresh coat of paint and a few items like countertops
    and bead board can make a laundry / bathroom look wonderfully fresh!

  2. I just love your blog and look forward to your posts! Lot of work but will be worth it!
    Mary from Illinois

  3. This is great Debra. I love that Agreeable Gray from Sherwin Williams. I have been a big Behr fan for paint and I have to say lately I have been using some of the Sherwin Williams paints and love them too. They have great color choices.
    Hugs and happy new week.

  4. Wow, it is really coming along. I can't wait to follow along and see how you make it yours.

  5. I love it, Debra. I'll have to think about where I can use Agreeable Gray. I can't wait to see this with your accessories.

  6. I love the paint color!! I can't wait to see all your changes and updates!

  7. That's a great space, and all that storage is wonderful!! Sure, it's not ideal to have guests use the laundry room/half bath, but it's not the worst thing when it's as nice looking as that room!

  8. This room looks great!! Love the beadboard and the paint colors. Wow, that's a lot of storage space!!

  9. This looks really good, Debra. You're pretty amazing, did you know? I hope you've told yourself that lately, cause it's true. Good luck today with the move in load.

  10. Nice job! I don't think it looks plain at all. Just elegant. I agree about the kitty litter! Haha!

  11. Genial¡¡ ha quedado ideal ,besitos sss.

  12. This is so pretty, Debra! You are doing a great job with your home! Beautiful!


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