Friday, October 6, 2017

October Fireplace and Mantel

 Hi Everyone, Happy October! This is my favorite month of the year... I can't believe that I didn't come jumping smack dab in your face to announce it! Well, yes, I can... this has been a long week already; more to that later. First I want to share my little owl friends that I've had for several years. They are excited to be back taking center stage on the mantel.

You know my theory for the mantel... "if it works, then leave it be". Well, it has been working so far this Fall so I thought I'd just add in the little hoots to the rest of the Fall display.

Do you remember these little fellas?

This is how they started out back in 2012 when some of us in Blogland were going a little crazy with white owls. Here's how they started out...

But with a several coats of white paint and a lot of inspiration they turned out like this.
sort of blurry... the story of my week.

2012 Mantel at the old house.

I think over 5 years and 2 moves, some of the glitter has come off, but the worst of it was when my husband was trying to being a comedian and threw a wet towel up on the mirror and it knocked off the baby, who landed on the floor with two broken legs. (the owl, not my husband, although I thought about it.) God love him, (my husband), he got a real dressing down for his goofiness. Anyone else out there with a husband who thinks he's stand-up material?

Anyway, so now he has to sit in a flowerpot...
(the owl, not my husband)

You can find last year's Mantel, HERE

Since the Dining Room table is on overload right now, I moved the little Gray French Wagon to the hearth. Once again, I didn't notice something wonky till I saw the pics... I have to move that topiary over a bit when we open the Armoire doors to watch TV.  So I forgot to move it back for the impromptu pics today. You all know how I love to keep it real around here.

 A mix of twiggy and velvet pumpkins with vintage clay flower pots fill it up.
I really love playing with this wagon since I painted it this Spring.

And now for the ongoing saga, sort of like a Soap Opera... I finally made it to the "Interventional Neurologist" appointment where he gave me a Cervical Spine Epidural for the nerves at the base of my skull, that he thinks are causing my massive chronic headache. It was under fluoroscopy so that he can see where to place the 10 foot long needle and press like all get out. The neurologist thinks I have a type of Fibromyalgia that has caused the ganglion root to become inflamed and super sensitive. He gave it in both sides of my neck instead of just one spot. I have to say that it was one of the most painful things I've had to endure, and that's coming from a person who's had open heart bypass surgery and 2 kids. I had 2 Valium before they did it, but since it's the nerve we're talking about, I would have rather had a drip anesthetic instead. This is how I felt last night, before more drugs kicked in.

Notice she has the needles still in place. My sticks were at the back of my neck and I had the pleasure today of ripping my hair out to get the dang bandaids off. All in all it was a heck of a fun time. But, I feel just a smidge better today. It takes several days for the prednisone to start to work, so I'm praying for this thing (neck and head pain) to get a lot better. 

I'm waiting to see if I can get in with another Rheumatologist in the area, since the one I saw is now leaving the clinic (wonder why). My borderline numbers, were not enough to convince her that my autoimmune system is going nuts and I need help. Going Gluten Free has helped alot, but I'm coming up with other issues, like hives and rashes, and more joint pain. My other doctors think the same, but since you have to be exploding to get someone to pay attention around here, I'm forced to wait it out and pray for a doctor to realize I might need medication. Otherwise I have to try to find another doctor in St. Louis. OK, sorry, I've griped enough. Anyone else out there with Autoimmune issues or Fibromyalgia? I know there are more of us than anyone really knows.

Sometimes you just need to let it all out,
 so thanks for listening...

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  1. I feel your pain, but I get my injections in my knees. It isn't too bad, and yours sounds much worse. Hang in there.

  2. Those owls painted white are darling with all the branches and such. I like this year's mantle the best of all! I have pain in my hands that comes and goes, and I've found avoiding sugar and gluten helps calm things down. I only go to the doctor if I absolutely have to so I take a variety of vitamins, but no medication. Hope you get back to near normal soon!

  3. i love your owls! i literally laughed out loud when you talked about your husband standing in the pot. i'm sorry you're going through that pain, it does not sound easy. hope it gets better. xo- maryjo

  4. Oh my gosh...that test sounds awful. I sure hope it helps you, Debra!
    Autoimmune issues are just not fun.
    I love the white owls and my husband would act just like yours and would probably be making
    comments about the owl on pot all the time. They keep us laughing anyway! xoxo

  5. Oh honey, that is so painful...I hope that by now it has subsided and you are better. Hang in there kiddo!!!

  6. The owls look perfect on the mantel, Debra - very much at home with the garlands, etc. Yes, my husband thinks he's cute at times. This morning he locked me out while I was in my bathrobe taking a picture of the harvest moon, and asked what's it worth? to me to get back in. I told him lots of embarrassment for me to stay out there and tell every early am jogger, walker my husband is a jerk but thinks he's cute. Payback.
    The pains me every time I think of having it done. Never.again. Instant.tears.fell.on.the.table. I hope it helps you. My thyroid's off again...first time in years. Yes, many in my family with some major AI issues.

  7. My husband and the dog do similar things. I usually hear "Uh Oh" from the living room. Your procedure sounds terrible. I hope you find some pain relief though. My husband has autoimmune. It's related to his Type 1 diabetes. Have a restful weekend. The owls are adorable.

  8. Debra, I have followed you for years but never commented. I enjoy seeing your style of decorating. Also I want you to know your posts about your health have been beneficial to me. I have Fibermyalgia, migraines and other auto immune and nerve conditions. I still have to work part time and it is hard on me. People including my family just do not get "it". I don't think my doctor understands. I suffer with my depression along with physical pain. I try to be happy and not complain. I know there are many of us who suffer in silence. Good luck Debra. Keep posting your beautiful decor and youR journey with dealing with your health problems.

    1. Hi Karie, thanks so much for taking the time to comment. I totally understand what you're going through, and it takes lot's of support from everyone. You're right, often times people don't understand because we don't show it on the outside. My doctors have not understood what I've been going thru, either, not even the Neurologists I've seen. They suggested water aerobics and PT, when I was in so much pain I couldn't drive or think straight. It's OK to complain sometimes, cause other people need to understand that it's real pain we're dealing with. I'll keep you in my prayers, Karie, take care, and thank you for sharing with us!

  9. Oh Debra I feel for you. That is a lot to go through. I am thinking I might have a form of Fibomyalgia. My joints have been really killing me. I had the tests for autoimmune issues like RA, Lupus etc. but nothing came back positive. So not sure what is causing all my joint issues of late. I see my doctor at the end of this month so I hope she might have some answers. Good luck with your plan.

  10. You're pretty funny yourself! But yes, my Hubs is always "on" too. Love the owls. Your treatment made me cringe. Hope it helps. Are you taking your turmeric? It works for joints, mood, pain, the whole gamut. I appreciate Karie's comment above. I know how much of a blessing your sharing has been to so many. Thanks for your lovely comment!

  11. Your symptoms sound a lot like SLE lupus. You need a different Rheumatologist-one that takes your symptoms seriously. Unfortunately with autoimmune problems, help can take years to obtain-it took me 3 yrs to finally get treatment. Steroids and Methotrexate have worked wonders for me. I also have fibro and an autoimmune disorder. Hope you find a great doc soon!

    1. Hi Mindy, yes, I've been tested for Lupus, but I have no antibodies, but I DO have all the symptoms of the whole range of AI diseases. I'm in the process of waiting to hear from a Rheumatologist that treats on symptoms, but it takes forever to get an appointment. I'm borderline RA, with a positive ANA titer. I'm hoping to try Plaquenil, as I have Sjogren's Syndrome symptoms and RA symptoms more than the rest. Thanks for leaving a comment, Mindy!

  12. Debra, I can't even think about that mantel after hearing your medical ordeal!! Girl, I wish there was something we could do for you. Sending many, many prayers your way.

  13. Debra, I am so sorry to hear about that awful test and all you are going through right now. I am praying for you to get some relief from the pain and to find the right doctors to help you.
    I deal with joint pain and my doctor refuses to call it Fibro, although I have all the symptoms. She just keeps sending me to therapy and pain management. And so it goes on and on. Anyway, I cannot compare my aches and pains to something as serious as yours.
    I do love your sweet little owl family and the one with the boo boo is still cute.

    Have a wonderful week and hopefully without pain.


  14. Debra, I can't imagine living with the pain you have and all the stress of these health issues. I applaud you for carrying on with decorating your home, writing this beautiful blog, and all the other things that life requires. I remember when you painted those owls. I thought then how clever to take something mundane and transform it in such a charming way. Glad you brought them out to enjoy. Take care and I hope you can find relief.

  15. Debra first of all, love your October mantel! It is "Hauntingly Beautiful!" and would be perfect for Hauntingly Beautiful Decor Link party over on my blog.

    Secondly I so wish you would consider seeing my doctor in Lexington. He is a gift from God and literally saved my life, and helped improve my quality of life. We can chat more on email!
    Special prayers for you today my friend!

  16. Debra, I love your owls painted white! The little guy in the flower pot looks right at home and you would never know that he was accident prone. :) I'm sorry that you are having to go through so much. It sounds just awful!! I hope that you are feeling a little better each day!

  17. Your owls are so cute. I love the white paint. It really makes them look so highend!


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