Sunday, October 8, 2017

Finally... the Fall Front Porch

I was beginning to wonder if I was EVER going to get things together enough out here on the front porch to actually get a few pics taken, and call it a "post". I had my mums out and planted by the first week of September, found some fun pumpkins at the farmer's market down the road, and even had my door basket decked out for Fall with some new brown plaid ribbon. And then the unthinkable happened...

Yes, of all times, the hook that I use on the front door glass decided it was time to "let it go". After 3 years of heat, cold, rain, snow and many seasonal front porch blog posts, that was the day it decided it wasn't sticky anymore and was going to call it quits. 

"No problem..." most people would say. Just run over to Lowes or Walmart and grab yourself another 3 or 4 of those little packages of stick-em-ups, and get back with the porch pictures. But to be really honest with you all, this last year I haven't just "run out" and done anything. I don't just get out and run around at the drop of a hat anymore, not like I used to, because frankly driving and turning my head and neck had become a real ordeal.  

So, I waited for my husband to get me a new adhesive hook, but by then I was having a bad week, waiting on this Cervical Spine Epidural Shot and there wasn't any way I was going to meander around outside taking pics while feeling the way I was, in my stretchy pants and robe. (People already think I'm weird enough with the camera)

So, the last day or two I started feeling a little better, but when I went outside to water my mums and assess the state of things, heaven forbid, they were all brown and withered. Now, I'd been watering them, so I'm calling it "bad plants" because all the yellow ones were on death's doorstep. Yikes, that sounds bad. I'll take that back. They looked horrible and shriveled up, so off to the farmer's market again to grab the last 2 small mums they had, plus a couple of more pumpkins for good measure.

OK, so I think I may actually have it together enough today to get this little Fall Porch Ritual accomplished! Late Summer, I ordered these little orange pillows from a site called The Mine. I'd never heard of them before, but I was looking for inexpensive outdoor pillows and I found these little trellis looking "tangerine" ones for a great price.

I have one of my vintage Ticking Bed Pillows out here with them, 
because it's too hot to even think about a woolly throw or blanket.

Hard to see, but I found these vintage concrete white painted urns several years ago. They aren't very deep, but bigger around. They also weigh a ton each so they don't get moved around too much.

Since the porch is on the small side, I can't have too many things up here, otherwise the UPS person refuses to attempt the obstacle course. One year I had massive ferns on either side of the steps and it was like a jungle. I did make room for my old french-y watering can filled with leaves and to stack up a few of my vintage picnic tins with a pumpkin on top.

I found my old "married metals" bench last Fall, 
and I've really had fun decorating it for the seasons.

I'll probably add some more cool weather decor a little toward Thanksgiving.

This little courtyard area is just outside the Dining Room windows, and I had hoped to have some other plantings out here by now, but I just haven't gotten around to it. It's a little bare here, but I'm hoping to plant some varieties of Lilies and other perennials at some point. The Creeping Jenny that I have had in this large planter Spring and Summer has gone crazy, so I left it when I planted the mum. 

Since things looked bare, I thought I'd give it a little "spooky" theme to make it more interesting here. This reminds me that I haven't introduced you to the newest member of the family, yet. She's not liking her sisters very much so we've had to do a little separating of the new kitty, from the old kitties. (as in she's downstairs, the other 2 are upstairs, with 2 pet gates in between) It's going ok, but we don't know how this can work long term. 

I actually do have a big 'ol garden spider setting on the other window, 
It's been there for a few days without moving.
Not sure if it's asleep or just waiting...

alrighty, I feel better now that this is done...

Have a great rest of the weekend,

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  1. Well, my dear, it all looks lovely and very festive!!! A few years ago, I splurged and purchased a magnetic hook for the glass front door. A magnet on inside and outside with glass sandwich in between. Works very well and holds a lot of weight and weathers the storms!!

    I hope you are doing better.......

    1. wow, I didn't know those existed, I'm going to check them out for sure!! thanks a big bunch!

  2. Debra, your porch is festive and beautiful. Your door basket is gorgeous!

  3. Beautiful!! Looks like you are all ready for Fall!!

  4. Hey Debra, your porch looks great. I am really loving the stacked tins, watering can and the new pillows. I have one of those glass door magnets the reader above ^ mentions. It is a very strong magnet, but I found it to slide a bit with weight and use of the door. You might need a sign that says (enter through back door), lol.
    I was distracted while reading this post. I saw an ad pop up, but had to go check it out, and I know you'd clearly understand. It was for four black & red plaid mugs. !! They know us well, don't they?
    Hope you're feeling better each day.

  5. You did a wonderful job on your porch despite how you felt. Mine doesn't look 1/4 that good. You even went as far as offering different looks, which I love also. Hope you have much better days to come!! God bless!

  6. Hi Debra,
    Yep look for the magnet hangers. They work really well and hold a lot of weight. Plus you can take it down anytime you want and no sticky needed. I think I have seen them sold at Walmart. Hope you will have better days ahead with getting your shot. So sorry you have been so miserable. Your fall porch and front yard look beautiful.
    Happy New Week.

  7. It looks beautiful, had me laughing at the misadventures, though. I had a sore back for a few days after moving one of my big pumpkins this year lol.

  8. Love your front porch! The front door basket, the white urns, the vintage picnic tins, beautiful!

  9. Debra, it all turned out wonderfully in the end! I always wonder what my neighbors think when I"m out snapping photos as well. :) Love the stacked tins. I don't take mine outside anymore. I face South and two of mine got sun faded.

  10. Love your porch...from the beautiful basket of flowers on the door with that gorgeous ribbon to the mums and the pretties on the bench! Love the stacked picnic tins. Your home and curb appeal is truly fabulous!!! Happy Fall Debra!


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