Friday, August 25, 2017

Olive Bucket Candleholders on the Cheap

Hi Friends... are you like me and see something you just have to have and you can't get it out of your brain? Do you obsess over an idea, thought or photo until you work it out to either make it yourself or just get it over with and buy the dang thing? I think there's a lot of that going on around blog land; it's part of out creative process, or maybe it's just some kind of Internet illness floating around. Either way, it rarely goes away on it's own...

Which brings me to the images and links to mini galvanized olive buckets that are running around on Pinterest and tempting us in our email inboxes. Once I saw them I was smitten. I love olive buckets anyway, but only have the larger size. I've used it the last several years to hold my Autumn/Christmas Tree, the rest of the time it's on the hearth in our Family Room downstairs.

Back to the mini buckets that are being used for candle holders... can I just say eeeeeck, how cute are they anyway?! Love candles, Love galvanized buckets, Love the wonderful glow coming through the openings. DIDN'T love the price of one little candle holder. 

Now I get it that they also include a glass liner cup AND a candle, but something like this, I always want more than one of them, so now it's really getting pricey. I found myself hovering over the "buy now" button on several occasions and would have just done it if they hadn't been sold out of my first 3 top picks of candle scents. So I hesitated and thought maybe I could find what I wanted at a cheaper price.

So I headed to Hobby Lobby. I haven't been there much this last year (or anywhere for that matter) since my neck and head have been the nightmare pain combo I've been dealing with. (more coming up at the end of the post) I had talked with my sister more than once about these little guys so she said she'd found some at HL. OK great, I'll go there after my hair appointment. (Seems like dr. and hair appointments are my only outings at times. Honestly, I'd go get my hair cut when I felt so bad I'd think about wearing my pajamas and calling a cab. Can't miss them, I have to make appts. months in advance.)

I found these 50% off which made buying all three of them, AND the glass holders, AND the candles for less than the price of ONE of the candles that I'd been looking at online. Only problem was that they had this off white paint "applied" on them to look like distressing, but I wasn't a fan of the look. I noticed that you could scrape it off (since it was paint) so I let them sit in the dishwater for a bit them scrubbed them down with an abrasive pot pad. I liked a teensy bit of the paint left around the rims, just not as much as was on there originally.

I had some other votives around and a small candle from Bath and Body Works, all in "Salted Caramel", so I used those inside. Tea lights would easily work, too, in both sizes. The smaller ones are about 4 1/4 inches high, the bigger is about 5 inches tall. Another thing I like about this particular style is that it has a little handle, where the other ones, do not.

The two smaller ones are using the small glass candle holders that I purchased, 
and the bigger one has the small candle from BBW. 

Don't they put off a pretty warm glow?

I'm working on my Fall decor, as you can see in the background. ahem.

Looks very "Autumn" to me. I love candlelight in the Fall and Winter months, It just gives you a great big emotional "hug". I think I may add a little Bittersweet around the handles for something "extra".

Beaufort is giving his nod of approval.

aaaaahhhhhhh ... smells like Fall.

Be sure and check the Internet for places to order various sizes of Olive Buckets,
there are some pretty good deals out there for sets.

On a Personal Note... I'm still waiting for the consult with the Radiologic Neurologist to see about doing the Cervical Epidural Block that contains cortisone. (Evidently the only doctor that does this procedure in my Hospital Network was on extended vacation, and that has pushed this out for what seems like forever) This injection is supposed to bring down swelling and inflammation in the lining of the Spinal Canal. 

Theory is that inflammation puts pressure on the nerves in your Cervical Spine that run alongside your Cervical Spine joints and facets. If the nerve is pinched or compressed it can cause headaches and dizziness, and all the other problems I've had. The main reason I've gone Gluten Free is that the neurotoxins in the Gluten have caused inflammation in all my joints along with the more mainstream Gluten problems in the gut. Since I've been off Gluten, almost 3 months now,  I'm starting to have less pain in my head and I'm really grateful for the understanding of what was going on. BUT, I still have the issue with my bones out of whack, so hopefully this doctor can tell me more once he looks at my cervical spine under x-ray. Until then I'm still taking pain meds and Advil and using ice packs on the back of my neck several times a day.

I know I haven't been able to leave many comments and returns, as I'm trying to limit my time sitting in a chair and typing. I have to get up and walk around every few minutes and stretch my neck. Hope you all understand. I really appreciate those of you who take the time to comment, so thank you all so much!!! 

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  1. Plaids, creams, golds, and some cooler weather (which we woke up to today and is supposed to last for 2 weeks!) comes fall. I love the look you have. Wish I could burn candles but my mister is hypersensitive to them, so I can only get away with 1 or 2 fragrances from Scentsy (in the farthest most back room - laundry - of the house).
    I'm afraid to say I do understand your neck issues. Continuing hope for your situation, but I didn't like the injections - during or now, years after (but that's just me). Who knows, though, my pain may be worse now if I hadn't had those injections in '06.

    1. It didn't sound like you were a fan of those injections, in an earlier post. I'm at a loss of what to do. Still in too much pain to start PT which is what the doctors suggest. I'm going to have to talk to the neurosurgeon again about surgery, since my cardiologist said I could go off my blood thinner for awhile. I will probably get better little by little since I'm not inflaming myself one pizza at a time. haha. could you please email me when you have a minute and let me know your experience with the injections?

  2. I'm so sorry about your neck. I pray healing, wisdom, strength, peace! It's nice to be back wandering around blogland and finding you first thing.

  3. Wow! So very sorry for your health issues! I will include you in my daily prayers and hope these doctors can remedy your situation soon ! God Bless! Love the olive buckets! Take care,Cindy

  4. I LOVE your little olive buckets! I sure hope I can find a few for myself. I have started my fall decorating, just a little bit. Can't wait,

  5. You are in our thoughts and prayers


  6. Love those olive bucket candle holders too! I can see you using them for many purposes!..I hope you find some relief for your pain Debra! You are in my thoughts and prayers.

  7. The olive buckets are adorable!!! Does the metal get hot and will it damage the surface they are on??

    Keeping you in prayer........

    1. thankyou. no the metal stays ok, the little glass "sleeves"/cups keep the heat contained, so no problem about setting them on surfaces.

  8. I have started my fall decorating, just a little bit. Can't wait,


  9. The little olive buckets are adorable! Gotta go to HL soon. I hope the doctors can find the answers to your issues, keeping you in my thoughts. <3

    1. thankyou Cristina, I so appreciate your thoughtfulness!

  10. Constant pain is so hard to deal with. Love your little buckets. Not sure I'm going to bring out the fall this year.

    1. I was just looking back thru some of my posts where you had the Fall Home Tours, and loving all the photos. Sometimes life just sucks all the fun out of things. The older I get the harder I have to think about dragging a bunch of seasonal decor out. thank goodness I don't have as much space to decorate at this house. makes it easier. Your place always looks festive with all the wonderful quilts and color you use!

  11. Love your decorating. Wishing you well with the injection.

  12. Oh, love your new post and those Olive buckets! I, too have a larger one...sort of a fake one from Walmart...but it makes me happy...LOL...Now...where did you get Beaufort?? What a wonderful little sheep...Hope you will soon be on the mend too.. I have been doctoring for what feels like needles poking my in my right side...back and then my breast...driving me crazy...have seen two doctors now.. each put me on a med that made me so dizzy and all I wanted to do was quit both of them and just trying to live with the pain.....hope for help for both of us!!!

  13. Love those little olive buckets! Now I have to go back to HL to find them! Hugs for continued healing..

  14. I'm so thankful you are getting a little relief. I hope that you can get this procedure and can feel back to normal. I love the olive bucket candles. Too cute. Thanks for sharing. Don't worry about commenting. We just love these updates.

  15. Thanks for the tip on the little olive buckets, I'll be heading to Hobby Lobby soon!
    Hopefully you'll be feeling better soon!

  16. Other things to avoid to avoid inflammation: dairy. My mother quit dairy and it really helped her. I try to get two tbs of olive oil a day at least. it helps honestly. As a group, we've gotten too fat free when good fats help, not hurt. Hope you're feeling at your best soon.

  17. Will keep you in my prayers for a solution to your head and neck pain. That has to be gut-wrenching to live with. Fortunately, I seldom have headaches so if I would get them often, I'd go see what the problem is - if they could find it. My daughter gets a lot of headaches, and I know people who have migraines that last for days. May God be with you.

  18. Hi Debra, I just came over from Dwellings and wanted to say what a lovely blog you have. As I read your details about your back, the need for a cortisone shot and being gluten free, I knew I had to leave you a comment. 21 years ago, I herniated several discs in my back(I also have Scoliosis)and ended up with Sciatica. I had 2 cortisone shots at the time and though it took several months to get over residual pain, it did go away. However, there will be things I can never do-like golf with my hubby or play certain sports or do yoga. The main reason though I'm leaving this is that I have been gluten free for 8 yrs and feel so much better. I can tell when gluten sneaks into something, but generally I work hard to not have it in anything I eat. I also am dairy free and doing my best to be sugar free, mainly because I too have inflammation and want my gut and body as healthy as possible. I hope you find the solution to your pain. I'm going to follow you to keep up on how you are doing.
    Hugs, Noreen

  19. These are so cute! I will be praying the injections give you RELIEF! Cronic pain is horrible, I know.


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