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10 Tips for Transitioning to Fall

Looking through blogland this last week, it's been filled with posts about transitioning our decor from Late Summer into Early Fall. Our individual methods may be similar, but each person has their own unique style and ideas to make this a fun and easy change-over. The fact that bringing out the Autumn decor is one of my favorite things to look forward to, makes this a special time to savor and enjoy for me.

Here are some of the ways I start the change up to Fall.

1. My first consideration is whatever you are using for this time of year, bring out the "Warmer Colors" of  Late Summer. This means going to the Harvest-y colors of golds, deep greens, browns, a little orange, deep reds and purples. I let nature dictate the colors I use for each season. Think about golden maize colors, garden produce at the local farm stand, Maple leaves starting to change, Prairie Grasses, and Hydrangea Blooms taking on their last metamorphosis of color. Even if you prefer whites and neutrals, it's good to have a little seasonal color to add to the backdrop.

2. Fragrances and Aromas of the Season. Apple Pie, Blackberry Cobbler, Pumpkin Bread, Caramel and Cinnamon... those are some of my favorite smells of the Late Summer into Autumn Season; not a coincidence that those are all flavorful and nostalgic aromas that come from the kitchen. I like to bring in Harvest aromas during the Fall; baked goods and earthy smells with candles, room diffusers, potpourri, and if you can enjoy these home baked goodies for real, then all the better!

3. Texture and Warmth in Textiles. Time for the cozy throws on the sofas and chairs, more comfy pillows, fabrics with a warm cozy feel, and an extra quilt on the bottom of the bed. Take the opportunity to bring in those seasonal colors in your layered fabrics. You can use warmer and more coarse textures and fabrics as you head into Fall like Grain sacks, Burlap, cotton/wool blends and heavy Linens.  

4.  Florals, Plants and Arrangements that reflect the seasons. I like to see Seasonal and natural looking florals whether they are real or faux. Keep flowers, fruits and naturals elements seasonally current. Hydrangeas are my favorite decorative flower, since they can be used for each season. Adding Sunflowers and leaves to a bunch of dried Summer Hydrangeas can easily take you into Fall.

5. Seasonal Prints and Wall Decor. New and vintage prints and wall decor can do a lot to change the "feel and vibe" of a seasonal home. I've always loved vintage prints so I tend to lean in that direction. I keep this in mind when strolling the aisles of an antique shop or vintage market. Favorite Fall pieces for me would be fruit prints, still life prints and paintings with a garden theme, and landscapes that are done in Fall colors.

6. Decorative Pillows and Quilts.Using Seasonal colors and themes with Decorative Pillows is a real favorite of mine. It's easiest if you have actual pillow covers you can change out while using the same pillow form. I've been guilty of just stuffing the actual sewn pillow with quilt stuffing and then sewing them shut. I've gotten a little better at using changeable covers as I now have to use the under the stairs storage for quilts and pillows. (ugh) I love decorating with new and vintage quilts for the seasons. Having my little sitting area with a wicker settee has been fun through the years in having a place to display quilts and pillows. Using a quilt on the back of a sofa or love seat or even a chair, can bring in color, pattern and texture that's fun for Fall. 

Don't forget the little touches, like a plaid ribbon to add to the mix.

7. Tablescapes, Table Runners and Table Linens. I like to keep my Dining Room tabletop Seasonal by using a tablerunner that's in Autumnal colors. At Christmas I love to use Tartan Plaids, in the Spring I've used greens, pastels, and neutrals, Summer goes to Ticking and Red Country French Florals, and in the Fall I gravitate to darker neutrals and heavier textures. I've mentioned before that I'm lazy when it comes to tablerunners in the Dining Room, so I just buy a length of fabric and fold and press it to the right width. Super easy and if I ever prefer to use the fabric for something else like curtains or pillows it's at the ready. These first two are from the kitchen, so it's easy to make a shorter version the old way... actually sewing it!

I was using this length of grain sack fabric with the old window box full of Hydrangeas in Fall colors. When September came around I just added in the white pumpkins to the florals... instant Fall Centerpiece.

8. China, Pottery, and Ironstone. Going along with colors and table linens using table settings that reflect the Season is another way to bring in the feel of Fall. I don't have a lot of dishes, but I really love Transferware and have several pieces of Brown and Red. During Late Summer and Fall, the Brown transferware pieces get top billing, whether I'm displaying them in the China Cupboard or using them for a Tablescape. Take advantage of Harvest Gatherings and Thanksgiving by bringing out the seasonal china and pottery pieces.

9. Don't forget the Porch. Fall is such a fun time to decorate the front porch and deck. Clean out all the dead summer pots and grab those Mums as soon as you can. I know they start showing up here in late August. I try to buy mums in their various stages of bloom. I find the ones that have just a hint of bloom are just as pretty as those in full flower. Keep your ferns alongside for greenery, and when the pumpkins and gourds hit the market stand, I say "more the merrier". Enjoy the cooler evenings on the porch with decorative pillows and quilts too.

just add Pumpkins...

Adding some preserved Fall leaves and a ribbon 
can take your late Summer door basket into Fall.

10. Create Seasonal Vignettes and Displays. Whether it's a simple bowl of seasonal fruit like apples, pears, pumpkins, or hedge apples, or a grouping of cloches, be sure they reflect the Season. Using dried leaves and Bittersweet can go a long way to add some "Fall" to your everyday transitional elements. 

All of these photos are from August or early September past posts. I'm usually in a hurry for September to get here, but I love the Autumn season so much it's worth it to get ahead of things just a little. I'm inspired and already thinking about the arrival of Fall. Keep these little tips in mind when you feel the urge to embrace the idea of Fall. And no matter what the Season, these same little tips can take you into the next season, just use the colors and flavors of the Season you're heading into. Have fun this month making the transition from Summer to a little hint of Fall!

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  1. Great tips! I love fall, especially through your decorating eye. Your love of the season shines!

  2. Oh so pretty! You have always inspired me to decorate. I love your tips on Fall decorating. Thanks ❤️

  3. Here in Pennsylvania, we hang onto summer as long as possible. Transitional decorating doesn't even cross my mind unitl mid September. Fall decor doesn't come out until the calendar says Fall. The last thing I want to do is shove Summer out of my way. This decor is all lovely, but it's August 6 and I haven't even had my beach vacation yet. I'm enjoying my breezy and beautiful summer decor very much, along with summer sun, temperatures, scenery, and activities! I'll refer back to this post in the Fall. Thanks for rounding up this beautiful display of Fall decorating.

    1. Hi Kim, I'm not decorating for Fall yet either, as these are all photos of past posts meant to share ideas and give some inspiration when we DO want to slide into Fall. From working in retail and vintage markets, I've learned it's important to keep one step ahead in what people are shopping for. No fun to go shopping and idea hunting for Christmas decor when there's nothing out yet and it's December 1. I'm not fond of the heat and Fall is my favorite time of the year, so I look forward to it. Just my thoughts, have fun and enjoy the rest of your summer!

  4. Beautiful and inspiring! I am eager for fall, too, and you've give me some gorgeous ideas. Your florals are spectacular!

  5. I adore the little wicker settee and the quilts. It looks so cozy and pretty. A cup of tea, a purring cat, a good book and that corner would equal bliss.

  6. I adore the little wicker settee and the quilts. It looks so cozy and pretty. A cup of tea, a purring cat, a good book and that corner would equal bliss.

  7. My home is very small but I just loved the way you decorate. My favorite are the cloches with sheep inside. Now....I do have enough room to do this (once I find cloches). Thanks so much for your beautiful ideas. Blessings. Sharon

  8. Hi Debra

    Love it all. Love the dining room tablescape! laura

  9. Can't wait for Fall!! I noticed the sun has shifted and shining in different windows now.......oh, how I love it!!!

    1. me too. that's one of the first signs that Fall is on it's way; the change of the light. I was taking some pics of my kitchen sitting area this last week, and the late afternoon sun had shifted, making the photos a little different. I so enjoy this aspect of the seasons, each new one is beautiful and hopeful. Have a wonderful week!

  10. Hi Debra, I love Autumn too and it's such a fun season to decorate our homes. You really have the touch and I appreciate all the great ideas. Now is I can only make my home look as pretty as yours.


  11. Beautiful!! So comfortable looking, I just want to have coffee and sit for awhile!! Thanks for sharing this post.

  12. What a beautiful post, Debra! You always do the most wonderful decorating! I could just smell the've inspired me to get one out!

  13. Wonderful suggestions and a beautiful post. I've gotten as far as a new "spicey" candle and I got my wonderful, hand-made, brown jug out to hold the sunflowers I got at TJs. I'll be glad when fall is here!

  14. Such beautiful fall inspiration! Everything is so pretty and I especially love your bird cloche.
    Thanks so much for sharing at AMAZE ME MONDAY!

  15. Oh no, you used the "F" word! Haha! But yes, there is a change in the summer air. You are famous for your cheery vignettes and cozy sitting area. I want one! Especially with your lovely quilts and prints. Lots of wonderful examples here!

  16. LOVELY ideas. Would love if you'd share them at Reader Tip Tuesday:
    HOpe to see you & your fall inspiration at the party (although I am currently hanging on to summer - lol) xo

  17. Adorable. I'm getting in the mood to decorate for fall too. I'll do a little late summer decorating in the mean time. I love this post.

  18. You gave some really great tips for fall...and as always your vignettes are gorgeous.. You really do have the knack....But I am NOT giving up on summer until middle September...I just can't. Summer is so short and I don't want another winter...I swear if I lived close you would would be missing all your lambs..just sayin.

  19. I love these tips! Was starting to change mantel, porch etc with "fall like" colors of sunflowers so will carry me through until November! Hope you are feeling better! Hugs..


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