Monday, May 22, 2017

Out and About and some Vintage Finds

My Mom, Sis and I got together this last week and had lunch, then did a little shopping around town. We all don't get out together often, so this was lots of fun. Then add in some vintage goodies to wander through... even better.

My favorite find of the day was this wonderful demi-john. I had this sitting on the coffee table in the living room, but moving it in here to the kitchen for a photo has me thinking it might need to stay. 

I love a good "what did I snag?" shot. I tend to talk alot while my sister tends to shop, so I always have to catch up with her, and sometimes she's first on all the goodies. We both saw this painted white demi-john, but I reached for it first. I don't think I've ever seen one where the wicker was painted, but this was all chippy and good so it works for me.

When I first saw this Majolica pitcher I gasped, and thought it might be the real thing. But little rubber pads on the bottom proved it was a reproduction. no matter, it's really a pretty, very subtle shades of creams and green.

I was looking for some kind of crate or tray that wasn't too deep, but still rustic with sides. This is like a soda crate, but doesn't have the individual dividers inside. I hadn't been looking for anything with graphics on it; I can't decide whether to paint over it or not... I don't know for sure where I'll use it but I may keep it out on the Potting Bench for a bit.

The camera on my 6 year old IPhone is seriously going downhill, so I've decided I'm just going to have to schlep my Big-Girl camera around and shoot on Auto when I'm out shopping. Trying to take photos in lower light with the phone is the worst. I get peeved every time I try to clean up the phone pics to make them usable. Hopefully Santa is planning on a new phone for me this Christmas, until then I'll just apologize. Sorry.

So here are some of the fun vintage things we saw at The Vintage Peddler. Like I said, I realize my phone pics are awful, but this area was a little dark and no natural light. Baby Buggy skeleton, (oooh, that sounds terrible), but love those wheels and what a great way to stage a vignette.

Love these floral slipcovered slipper chairs, 
they were a little faded by the sun, but still oh so pretty.

They have so many wonderful vintage Garden Goods, I get all itchy for my sunporch.
LOVE this old Garden piece, I understand now that they are called Tuteurs.

Another view, I took lots of photos here, they just didn't turn out.

One more shot of the buggy with vintage"Birdy" prints and a strawberry box with eggs.

Hope you're having a wonderful weekend. We had storms last night so I was "wallered" by a 16 pound feline hairball that wanted to lay on me. Thank goodness she doesn't exhibit "doggy" behavior in a storm, just wants to be REAL close!


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  1. Deb, love your demi-john. Looks great in the kitchen. Pat.

  2. I love it when you visit the Vintage Peddler. Love your finds, too. Maybe those rubber pads were added by the original owner who wanted to display the Majolica pitcher? It's a beauty, regardless of pedigree. I like that the graphics on your crate actually depict your place in the sun (mid-continent), so I'd probably try to salvage that, maybe just lightly whitewash the crate so the graphics show through, if anything. Speaking of the sun, we're all a little faded from the sun like those great chairs, aren't we? I love those! Great garden architectural pieces too.

    1. Hey Rita, I googled "Mid-continent Inc." and did find a business here in town, not sure it's from them tho, but it is interesting. This is just my fave store around, the inventory changes all the time, and there are so many different vendors. I never come out of there empty handed!

  3. This looks like such a fun shop and a great outing! I love your finds...the Majolica pitcher is a beauty, and the crate and demijohn will have lots of beautiful usefulness, too!

  4. I do love thrifting and love your Demi John...don't know if I ever seen one in wicker. I would love to have that hollyhock painting in the photo...wonder how long it would take me to get to the shop?

  5. Love your finds! Shopping with mom is always the best!


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