Friday, December 18, 2015

"Reflections" on the Old Door

One of my favorite places to change things up, is on the old door in my Kitchen Sitting Area. The old door had been on the Sun porch at the old house, and moving it into the Kitchen Dining spot when we moved here, gave me the sense and feel of the old space that I loved so much.

Last Christmas I tried out something new too,
using my antique white frame with my Pottery Sheep's Head.
I used wallpaper samples from an old French Country
 wallpaper book in this red fruit theme. 
Then throughout the year, 
I changed it up for each new Season and Holiday.

Here are a few of the looks on the old door
from this year.

But this year since I was going with a more Tartan Plaid Themed Christmas,
I wanted to try something else; something with a touch of gold...

Because I wanted to use this old print of a Prince of Wales Coat of Arms,
that I've had in this antique gold frame.
I've had this for years, but not shown it much if ever.
It was behind a cabinet full of silver in my wet bar in the Living Room.

And when I say "gold" frame, I mean GOLD!
So the door needed something that was "gold", too.

with the Plaid ones my sis made for me for Christmas a few years ago.

I've tucked in a few vintage post cards and reproductions,
around the mirror. 

I don't like the reference to Christmas as being an "X", 
but I know that was common years ago.
I loved the little Snow Bird on the Holly card.

 The German Glass Glitter "Merry Christmas"
 has darkened over the years to a wonderful Pewter Patina.
Some of the molded applique of the old mirror frame is missing.
But to me, that just gives it a bit of "History".

Add a little greenery and wired Plaid Ribbon
for an extra touch of Christmas. 

More pics from the Kitchen Sitting Area this weekend, then I'll share the "more complete" Christmas Tour for this year. You can find a link to my current Christmas Home Tour 2015 in the "Pages" section under my header, on the sidebar, or HERE.

Thanks for visiting,
 I know we're all in a rush coming into the last week of Christmas.
Are you about ready?

Can you believe I've waited till now
to finish up a must-do paint project?



  1. I love the creativity you've used time and again with that door! Wish I could find one.

  2. I love it. It's so cute. What a cute corner.

  3. Love how you have used that door thru the years. Always beautiful.


  4. I think it is just festive and fabulous, Debra. Well done, darlin.

    I have been MIA - hopefully can catch up!

    Merry Christmas and happy new year! Hugs!

  5. Debra, how I wish I could've taken an old door from our first place, but it was a rental. It was built around 1910 and had loads of character. Not sure I could've made it work they way you have; you have such an eye!

  6. Your old door all decorated for Christmas with sweet vintage cards is so charming. Love that you save the door. I saved a door from our 1913 house back in Idaho. It's a narrow wood door that was the door to the old coal room attached to our vintage garage. I had the movers put it on the truck with all our other belongings when we moved down to Texas. It's all battered, weathered and chippy but I love it. I put it in our master bedroom and often display vintage quilts on it. My hubby doesn't understand why I love it, but I do. It's a piece of history and it will always be with me. But I know you understand that <3

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  7. You know how I love an old door and yours is fabulous. Love the mirror so pretty. The whole corner is awesome.
    Merry Christmas sweet Debra. Enjoy the next week leading down to the big day.

  8. Looks lovely! I love seeing how you decorate it through the different seasons too- so creative!

  9. Debra you have inspired me to tuck a few antique cards into my own mirrors.

  10. That's such a versatile mirror! I love all the ways you've used it before. I like the cards tucked in the frame.

  11. I just love the fact you use...what you live with everyday---tweak it, and then use it again. When you love something it is always in style---! That's what vintage is all about---carrying the love over the years. Merry Christmas...and thanks for all the support for my first year of blogging. Merry Christmas, Sandi


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