Friday, August 14, 2015

Pillow Re-cycle, Downsize, Re-Do

That may not make any sense to all of you, but this was a little project that I'd been wanting to do since we moved in last Fall. So do you remember these pillows that I found at the antique mall a couple of years ago? No...? Don't worry if you don't, because they haven't been shown much here on the blog, because...well... they're just too big!

I was thrilled when I found them, and they were such a steal. The monster red fruit sofa was big enough to handle them, but not much else. I'd found 4 of them, so 2 went on it, downstairs.

I used the other 2 in the guest bedroom at the old house, also downstairs. I really like them on the bed as a European Sham sort of look, but after we moved here, my options have been limited.

Of the 4 pillows, there were 2 that were in better shape. One was splitting on a seam and the zipper, and another one had this yucky feather insert that was letting feathers escape, so it was kind of creepy. A lovely linen pillow with feathers sticking out. That creeps me out just thinking about it. It was gross. The 2 losers were stuck in my pillow and quilt closet, here at the new house. no problem, they were too big to fit anything anyway.

The Master Bedroom in this house is nice sized, but the other bedrooms are on the smallish side. This is the guest bedroom downstairs, where our kiddos stay when they're in town. This is our queen sized bed that we used until we moved here. We found a king bed at Haverty's that matched the wood in the rest of our bedroom set, so this one went downstairs. I'll get around to showing you the Master someday. promise.

As you can see, the good set of pillows works here. They don't really match the PB duvet, but it's not horrible. I need to find the antique white quilt and fold up the duvet for the bottom of the bed...that would be less busy than this combination. I'll get on that, since seeing this in a photo makes me dizzy.

So, I decided to cut down and remake the two misfit pillows into a size that I could actually use. I had some "ugly pillows" that came with the sofa, so I took out the inserts and used them in the new smaller pillow versions, which are 20x20. I centered the fabric image and just cut down on the edges. I couldn't salvage the fringe trim, but they look a little "cleaner" without it.

I only have the two, so I won't be using them here on the Living Room sofas. I think they'll look good on the kitchen sitting area wicker settee. I'm hoping to use them for my "Early Fall" look. you can laugh now, I have so many "looks" for each season, I have to make fun of myself.

I guess, my thought is to not sell or pitch good fabric. Even though the pillows themselves weren't great, the fabric was still nice. And it turned out that the smaller pillows were really what I needed all along. Thanks to the "ugly pillow" inserts, these ended up costing me nothing except a couple of hours crawling around on the floor trying to cut and match the fabric. I love this Bosphorus Toile and it's not easily found anymore. so yay, new pillows for Fall!

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