Thursday, September 2, 2010

Vintage Inspiration Friday #1: Sunflowers

I'm inspired by...Sunflowers

Some think of Sunflowers as a Summer flower, but here in the Midwest, their blooms and maturity are all signs that Fall is almost here. Cornfields edged in the brown eyed beauties, bursting forth seeds to feed the hungry birds, can be found in abundance and variety.

(Midwest Living Magazine)

I love to have my home and decor reflect the seasons and nature,
 so for me, this time of year is expressed perfectly
 in a sunflower's brilliant colors of golds and browns.

(Midwest Living Magazine)

The perfect way to transition from Summer into Fall

(Country Home Magazine)

My white ironstone pitcher's bouquet changes with each season.

I'm even enjoying my "Sunflower" candle from White Barn Candle Co.

The hallway sideboard's old seedbox has transitioned
 from Spring, to Summer and now to Fall.

And as much as I'd love to have the luxury of fresh flowers,
my kitties are a deterrent.

I've learned there's a huge difference between silk faux flowers
and plastic fake ones...
you know what I mean?

My old mason jars that held hydrangeas this summer,
now find that the sunflowers have taken over.

Hope you're having a great first week of September!
Kids getting back to school,
decorating for fall and then Halloween,
cozying up our nests...

 So how about some Fall inspired goodies for a giveaway!

Sunflower Soap...

Orange Bar Striped kitchen towels
and stack of fall inspired notes.

So, thanks for coming by,
 and I hope you'll join in on this new weekly party,
all about finding and sharing our inspiration.

Please link back to Common Ground in your post,
and Let's have some Inspired Fun!

Have a great Labor Day Weekend!



  1. Oh Debra, the sunflowers are beautiful!!!! I need something to inspire me!!!! I swear to goodness I just don't feel insired & that's just not like me!!! Maybe if it would cool off I could be inspired for fall. Send some cool this way. Although... I can't complain we did get rain & that helped some. Thanks for creating this fun venue & I'll be back to see who is playing this week. MAYBE NEXT WEEK I'LL FIND INSPIRATION SOMEWHERE! HUGS! Charlene

  2. Hello Debra... I just love all of your gorgeous sunflowers... they are more of an Autumn treasure here in Centerville too, right now the fields are full of them and they look so beautiful... wishing you a wonderful Labor Day weekend... xoxo Julie Marie

  3. your home now has a fall, relaxed, beautiful look!!!

  4. Hola Debra,
    ustedes ahi estan esperando el otoño, y aqui en septiembre comienza la primavera.....
    la flor de girasol es hermosa, a mi y mi hermana nos encanta,
    tus flores sos muy lindas y decoran muy bien una mesa.....
    esos regalos son divinos todas quisieramos uno
    amiga cariñosa

  5. Hi Debra, love your sunflowers.. they are such a cheery flower. Yes I agree there is a difference between faux silk flowers and those cheap plastic ones. I have a few silk flowers that can be quite pricy but some are so realistic looking that they're worth the money. thanks for inviting me to participate in your very first Inspiration Friday.. looks like I'm first on the list too! take care, Maryann

  6. Oh my goodness Debra, you sure know how to put out a fall spread. The sunflower arrangements are so lovely and your vingettes are so well thought out and pretty. Love the silver tray holding the arrangement.


  7. Debra,
    I love your sunflowers. Yellow is my favorite color! I have the same issues with cats in the house vs. flowers.....
    Thanks for hosting this lovely party!

  8. Hi Debra, sunflowers are one of my favorite flowers. My youngest daughter usually buys me fresh ones each year for my birthday.

    I also wanted to tell you about Atticmag's new Link party each Friday called Giveaway Friday!, a convenient place for bloggers to come post about their giveaway(s) each week and a place for readers to learn about giveaways being offered.

    It's simple; after you put a link up to your giveaway, link back to Atticmag/Giveaway Friday on your blog. I hope you'll join us! The link party goes up on Thursday evenings.


  9. I love the pale yellow sunflowers....they go with my decor a bit better and they look lovely mixed with the darker colors as well. Your arrangements are beautiful!


  10. I think Fall is the best season ~ at least here in MN! I really love how you use the same box and change out the insides...a great idea that I may use myself.
    Thank you for having a giveaway that is perfect for Fall!
    deb :)

  11. Hello Debra ~ Gorgeous sunflowers. This time of year, I always decorate with them. Thanks for hosting the fun Party as well. We should be giving you the flowers:)

  12. I just love your charming seed tray vignette, Debra... it inspires me!

  13. ~*Hi Debra~ I just entered your inspiration friday and posted about your party on my blog!!Blessings,Rachel~*~

  14. Sunflowers always make me smile! And Debra - you do too, every time you visit me! Now, what do I have that would inspire someone else so I can join your party? Hmmmm. Nothing, compared to you!

  15. Love the sunflower photos AND that tool box with your sunflowers. They are my fav flower. I have one of those tool boxes without the divides. I may just have to use it with your inspiration!

  16. Ohhhhhhhhh Debra, I love all the sunflowers! Aren't Fall colors just Yummy?

    I needed this event today! Feelin' pretty sick from the dental stuff!

    Sorry, I posted my Linky twice, I sent the first back to you! I'm blaiming it on My Dentist and the drugs!

    Hugs and Love,

  17. Your sunflower post is the perfect opening to your fabulous link party! I do hope to play along before Monday:)

  18. Well you make me need sunflowers! That's inspiration! Have fun with your party! I am! xxJQ

  19. I love the sunflowers. I am so ready for Autumn and I an so enjoying everyone else's decorations. Thank you for hosting this party.

  20. Hi Debra! Sunflowers are abounding all over everyone's blog! Must be autumn's right around the corner, huh? Yours are so bright and cheery and cozy looking. Beautiful arrangements! The deep purple with the yellow is striking! Have a great holiday!

    xoxo laurie@heavens-walk

  21. Dear Debra

    How exciting to be here for Week 1 of your new hop! Your sunflowers are so beautiful. Thank you for hosting this party - you have one of the most inspiring blogs around!


  22. ...oh I remember gigundous sunflower heads in Ohio ~ and so enjoyed the flavored seeds, sometimes we could even get them covered in chocolate!!!
    xo, Rosemary

  23. Your sunflowers are beautiful and definitely inspiring. Look see, your party is a hit! love ya olive♥

  24. You never fail to deliver (just like FTD) with your seasonal vignettes. You make the changing of the seasons so much fun to watch from the safety of my office!
    Love, love, triple love the arrangement with the old seed box!

  25. Hi Debra, Thank you for inviting me to participate in your Vintage Inspiration party. I have added your button to my sidebar.

    Your vignettes are always so pretty! Love the seed box and the birdcage. I am itching to start decorating for Fall.
    Hugs, Sherry

  26. Debra, your sunflowers arrangement are breathtaking! I happen to have sunflower header on my blog, I love them! That silver tray is just gorgeous, your white pitcher is just grand and that box, just awesome! What a great post, I am so ready for fall~

    Take care,

  27. I LOVE sunflowers, and of course with your photography skills, your pictures are the best! I'm excited to join in on something new! Thanks for putting this together.

    Take care, Sue

  28. Oh Debra you have totally inspired me to go out and get myself an assortment of Sunflowers and bring Fall into my home! Your arrangments are really lovely and your entranceway is truly welcoming!! Love love the mason jars in the bottle carrier...precious!! xOxO Nerina

  29. i love the start of fall even if we don't have one here. i live vicariously through those that do. that moulin rouge sunflower is so fabulous!



  30. Love your idea for a new party. I'd love to join you, but not sure if I have time this week. Let me think on it tonight ans see what I come up with. I will definelty participate in the future and will add your logo on my sidebar.

    Take care,


  31. I really like the trug with the leaves and sunflowers in it. I have to use silk if I want things to look good. My brown thumb kicks in and poof- plants and flowers just DIE!! LOL
    You had a fun idea with this meme. It's late and I need to go back into my post to add your link. Be back in the AM to see what all your party-goers are doing...
    ~ Sue

  32. Debra
    What a neat party!!!! I love it and all of the wonderful links and inspiration that we will all share. You are such an amazing gal, I pray one day I can meet you as well. Thank you for being such a prayer warrior for me.

    Love you

  33. I too love sun flowers and the sun flower soap looks most interesting.......I have never seen that before. Great prizes and lovely pictures :)

  34. this is too fun ... usually I don't have time to "play along" ... but I couldn't resist ...

    you truly inspire me ... with every visit

  35. DEBRA... This is My Favorite entry of yours!*!*! Loving ALL the sunflowers!!! I loved to enter but I'm crazed right now getting ready for this weekend's Flea Market Booth... Just Lovely!!! Jeanine, ChiPPy!-SHaBBy!

  36. Hey Debra!
    Thanks for stoppin' by! I love the Sunflowers... They are always smilin'!
    Have a Great Day!
    Barb C.

  37. Debra- I joined in on the Vintage Inspiration Link party...I hope I got it all right! This was my first time being part of a link party!
    Thanks for doing this...some great posts!!
    Love the sunflowers!!
    Have a great one!
    Tammy :-)

  38. Alway's BEAUTIFUL over here...Now GIRL please come for another LOOK! I am featured in ROMANTIC HOMES...And I featured you in my post :)
    Hugs Girl!

  39. Your sunflowers are beautiful. I plant them every year, but I won't cut them. I let them die & dry up. I love dried sunflowers with the seeds still in place. I think they , are even more amazing in that state. I made a cool assemblage last year with one. The head was humongous! I always love seeing pictures of your wonderful home!!! Lisa

  40. Love the sunflowers and especially in the ironstone pitcher. I'm now a follower and loved being a part of your first Inspiration Friday!


  41. What a very sweet idea,
    Debra!!! I will try to
    join in at some point. I
    just did my first "linky"
    on Wednesday with Faded Charm
    and it was so much fun. You
    are such a kind and generous
    bloggy friend : ) and your
    home reflects your warmth and
    sunny spirit. Sunflower most
    Happy Labor Day,
    xx Suzanne

  42. Okay my sweet friend. You know I don't usually do these, but this was just too good to pass up. I'm officially signed up!

  43. you and your blog always inspire me! sorry my barn chick party is today too. I'll be there next Friday. Love your pics...


  44. Hi Debbie,
    I've never been a big fan of sun flowers, but it seems like they're everywhere in Blogland and magazines right now, and I absolutely LOVE the way they look! Your sun flowers look gorgeous the way you've displayed them!! My favorite is the aqua jars in the white tool caddy... beautiful! Thanks so much for the fabulous "inspiration", Debbie!
    I wish I had more time right now to join you fun link party... hopefully in a couple of weeks. At least I can still check out all the inspiration. :)
    Have a great holiday weekend!
    Hugs ~ Jo

  45. I had NO idea that there were so many different varieties of sunflowers. One of my favorite stores, Fresh and Easy has them for $5 a bunch. I buy them regularly.

  46. I have always thought sunflowers were FALL-ish. I've had the on Fall wreaths for YEARS!

  47. Oh Deb I just realized your party was today so of course I'm your sunflower post...I love how their little faces always face the sun...nothing better than sun on your face!

  48. Debra, sorry so late in posting and I hope you don't mind that I did mine a little different. Hope you have a great Friday, T

  49. I love all of your sunflowers - and I love to decorate for fall too -- seems to me that if I put old Billy Bob Scarecrow out on our front porch the cool weather should follow and fall is officially here! Thanks for more inspiration!

  50. The sunflowers are lovely! We always grow a couple of rows in our garden. I try and mix up the different types. I have brought them in before and they look so pretty in vases but they tend to annoy my allergies so I just enjoy them in the great outdoors. I am trying to get a post together to link up to your Vintage Inspirations but I am waiting for hubs to fix a little something to add to the picture. Somethings he just does better than I do. Have a great holiday weekend Debra!

  51. Your sunflowers are of my favorite flowers! I love the Moulin Rouge in the Midwest Photo. Your party is going to be a hit...proudly displaying that beautiful button, sweet Debra! Gosh, I love your blog. I wish I could get your blog posts via email, too. *hint* :)

    Have a great weekend,

  52. Hi Debra,

    I've had your blog opened up on my computer for over a day perusing page after page. I just love your posts. The sunflowers are stunning. The varieties shown in that first photo are gorgeous and I LOVE your seed box.

    I've added your blog to my sidebar/blog list so I don't miss another post!

    Have a wonderful Labor Day weekend,


  53. I'm late to this party but I am here! So glad I made it lovey. olive out

  54. Debra-It all looks so pretty! Love the seed box.

  55. Hi Debra,
    I realized that the book and shops I posted about are filled with all sorts of wonderful "vintage inspiration", so I decided to join your link party after all. I'm going to go add the link back to your lovely party now.
    Hugs ~ Jo :)

  56. Hello Debra:

    I love this post because I love sunflower... even I have a blog about it:

    I hope you can visit me, it will be a honor.

    I want to join you in the vintage inspiration so I'm going to publish something about it.

    Thank you for all this wonderful ideas.


    Mary Tere

  57. Beautiful sunflowers and I love them as a fall flower! In fact, lots of my fall decorations have sunflowers in them!

    I hope you are having a most wonderful weekend my dear friend! HUGS!

  58. I love sunflowers! I think that they are the perfect transition from summer to late summer. I did not know about your party until I was reading Anne's lovely post about you and your blog. I think that I missed it this week, but I will try to jump in next week.

    Love your pictures! :)

  59. Hi Debra, I don't think I have ever commented on your blog before. What a wonderful idea for a linky party. And I love your sunflowers. I was at a farmer's market this weekend and saw lots of different varieties. I may have to grow some next year!

  60. Debra,
    Looks like a fun party. I'm trying to look at other peoples posts and see just what it is about. Is it just anything we love and inspires us?
    Maybe I need to read your post again too.
    I'll make note of it and try for next week. I think it said weekly.

    blessings sweet girl!

    barbara jean

  61. Debra,
    What beautiful sunflowers- they are my favorite flowers and my husband often buys them for me in the early fall. I love the way you use them and place them in decorative boxes and vases.
    Someone is going to love the soap and sunflower items.

  62. Congratulations Debra on your first Vintage Inspiration party!
    I have been back and forth reading different entries.
    What fun!
    Happy Labor Day,

    White Spray Paint

  63. Hi Debra,
    Perfect for this time of year...very pretty! Hope to play along with y'all next week...more pics to take:)...have a great week1

  64. Debra,
    This is fabulous! I will join up when I have vintage items. Love reading some of these entries. Just a great linky party. So glad you did it.

  65. Goodness I have missed coming by to visit you.
    Honey your home is absolutely warm and cozy. Just lovely how you have it fixed already for fall.
    Since my accident I have missed visiting a lot of my friends including you.
    Love the idea you came up with Inspriration fridays. If I were not still going to rehab and so many doctors I would have to join you but I could not do it all the time so I guess I should wait

  66. Your swunflower post is wonderfully inspirational! Also a sweet reminder of the midwest...where I lived for 35 years before moving to the east coast.
    This is a wonderful idea ~ this sharing of inspiration!! I'm off to visit the participants!

    PS. Your photos are delightful!

  67. Hello Debra;
    This is a Wonderful Post on Sunflowers! I was Born in the Midwest and Remember seeing all the different Varieties when I would go back to Visit my Grandparents. My Grandpa Loved taking us for Rides through the Farmlands to Look at the Crops, and these would be all over growing Wild Even!
    Thank you for Reminding me!
    Have a Wonderful Week!

  68. Hi sweet Debra!!! I just love sunflowers and they are signs of harvest and fall to me too! I forgot to link to your linky list last night :( but am still participating sweet friend ~ wishing you a wonderful fall weekend, hugs and love, Dawn


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