Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Vegging Out and Some Late Summer Colors...

I'm feeling a little Fall in the air and the color of the sky.
So I've changed up a few things here in the Kitchen Sitting Area,
one of my favorite places to be...

I've said this before, but I'm going to say it again... we are making blogging too hard! I don't want to feel like I have to go to Instagram or even Facebook just because I can't spend a whole day on a blog post. I just can't do that anymore, but I still have some fun things to share and maybe a few pics for inspiration. How 'bout you all? Why do we feel like we have to run some kind of marathon and write a book instead of just having a fun little post on what we're doing today?

I brought out my late Summer quilts and colors for the wicker here in the Kitchen Sitting Room, and added a few different pillows and some Sunflowers. I don't have an indepth expose on Late Summer, or quilts or homemade pillows... I just want to share a little poster with veggies on it and enjoy the fat ticking pillow my husband's grandmother made for us when we got married. 

I'ts nothing fancy or earth shattering...but I want to do it here. We've lost so many wonderful bloggers because they don't have time, or the inclination to spend days on a post. They have families and a life. And they just want to enjoy sharing their ideas and surroundings 
without being judged by comparison.
There are so many times I'd just like to pop in and say...
"this is what I'm doing today, come and enjoy it with me".

We're making blogging too complicated with our expectations and comparisons.. I don't want to do that. I need my life to be simple. I just want to say hello to my friends and share a smile or a giggle. I know I'll post more often if there's not a lot of expectation for "knock your socks off" fabulousness.

So here's a fun vintage look poster I picked up awhile back, I didn't have a frame big enough, so it went on the old door. And I like using golds and reds and mixing and matching this time of year. Nothing you haven't seen before, but I just want to drop in and visit... I've worn myself out writing about health issues this last week, now I just want to relax. (Insert Happy Face Here!!)


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