Saturday, May 28, 2016

Coffee Table ReStyle and an Update

Hi Friends, a few weeks ago I needed to finally put away all my "Spring" rabbits, bunnies, and whatever... I'd been putting it off cause I hadn't felt so great, but when everyone started talking "Summer" it was obvious that my sweet little Bunny Man Basket needed to be tucked away for next year.

I wanted a neutral "Seasonless" look in the Living Room; one that was easy to keep with a minimum of effort. I don't like to extend a season way past it's "best if used by" date... says the person who still has a bunch of silk daffodils on top of the kitchen china cupboard. What can I say, I have to get a step stool to get them down...

I'd unpacked this hexagonal bronze cloche last Fall and had it in a bookshelf downstairs, but not really decorated. I thought it might work upstairs for the coffee table, so I grabbed a few of my vintage clay flowerpots and filled them with tea lights. I love the patina on these little guys, especially the painted blue/green one toward the front.

Michele had reminded me that I needed to get some ivy starts potted, so when I visited the nursery last week, I picked up a couple of pots of Glacier Ivy for accents. I agree, even a little live greenery goes a long way to filling in an otherwise ho-hum vignette.

These wooden candlesticks have been everywhere and they're so versatile, they go with most everything. Some decor books for height and a deer shed antler round it all out.

The candlesticks used to be antique white,
 but I gave them a quick once over with ASCP in a gray mix last Fall.

I've kept this Frenchy Garden Tray on the coffee table since I bought it several years ago. I keep a piece of burlap underneath, so it won't scratch the painted finish on the table. If you look closely you can see the bottom is made from some sort of rolled wire. Here's the original post and you can see it easier, HERE. It works for any season, and it's great for corralling all my "stuff".

I still have my leopard accent pillows and furry throw out,
 and that's another thing I need to do.
Problem is, I really like them here, furry or no.

OK, so on the health update. I had the CTO Chronic Total Occlusion Heart Surgical Procedure, on Monday and I'm home...just barely. I knew it wasn't near as traumatic as Open Heart Bypass, but it wasn't a walk in the park either. You have to have incisions in the Femoral Groin Artery on both sides. not fun. (This is how they run the "equipment" through to get to the blocked arteries, so because of that I feel like a Mac Truck drove through my chest) They have to use a lot of blood thinner...the "industrial strength" Heparin, so in doing so I lost a lot of blood. I didn't refuse blood, but I was hoping to not have to have it. They let me go home on Tuesday afternoon, but I was severely anemic and I was threatened about staying in bed and keeping my eye on the incisions. "If they start bleeding call 9-1-1, this is a major artery and you could bleed out in a few minutes"...ok, thanks for letting me know. I was anemic to start with, and that may be part of my problem with feeling so crappy. I'm hoping that now that I know, I can get my blood levels up so I'll feel better. I don't eat much red meat since that tends to be a no-no with cholesterol, but now I'm having to take iron supplements ...gee, I do miss my petite filets from last summer.


The Cardiologist felt it was successful in that he had good blood flow moving through this 13 year old defunct artery, but it's not going to be a total reversal, only a help in giving me back some of my "life". I knew that going in, so I wasn't planning on signing up for marathons. But I CAN tell a difference in my level of angina, so that in itself made it worthwhile.

And I just have to say thank you once more for all the prayers and good thoughts. I have to apologize to all you dear blog friends and readers; I've not been myself for the last 8 months, I check your blogs, but I've not been commenting too much cause honestly, it's been hard for me to be cohesive in getting my thoughts out. I've just felt so bad, all I have done is take it easy, rest, and read. Everything feels like it's a major effort most of the time. I wish we had a "like button" for reading and commenting on blog posts. I love your comments but I've not been able to reciprocate much. So please know that you're all appreciated, even if I'm a bum, in the commenting department!

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