Friday, April 8, 2016

Hall Bathroom Shelf and an Update

Hi Everyone, things have been pretty quiet around here the last few weeks, but I wanted to say "Hello" to all of you and check in. One thing that I've finally managed to get accomplished is to put a few things up in the Hall Bath. 

Our Master Bath is on the smallish side, so instead of having a constant turf war with Hubbs on counter and drawer space, I opted to take the Hall Bath as my own. It's limited on cupboard space as well, so no shots of my counter top and make-up clutter. I try to keep it presentable, but that's difficult for me, so I usually just offer an apology up front for any guests needing to use it...

I didn't want to hang anything too big or heavy in here, 
since it's such a small space. 
I just wanted something to show off a few vintage things
that I've collected over the years.

This is how the little shelf started out:
a pale yellow that really didn't work against the taupe paint color.

It got the gray mix Annie Sloan Chalk Paint treatment.

A few of my vintage jewelry caskets, sheep, cottage prints, and perfume bottles
all got together to make a grouping on each little shelf rung.

Here is the small wall above the counter next to the door.
Bad lighting = Bad Pic

I've parted with several of my vintage prints,
 but I've kept the English Cottages and Landscapes.
They just are so home-y and cozy. 

I love the chippy creamy patina of these two.
They look a little "dirty", but it's just the aged paint.

Here's a close up of the little plate. I couldn't find much about it except it was a series of Royal Albert China Tartan Series possibly from the early '60s. My mom is part Scottish, but from the Cameron Clan. This little plate (maybe a Biscuit Plate) is Buchanan; anyway just so sweet with the Heather Sprigs adorning it.

I don't like to get into my health problems too much here, but I'm way overdue for an update. This is what's going on in my life after all, and I'm not so good at "pretending" that life is full of excitement and fun. Creativity and decor and blogging have been on the back burner. I made a hospital visit the second week of March, because I had never improved after Christmas. (extreme fatigue, more chest angina) and found out some surprising news. My two grafted arteries from my Bypass Surgery back in 2003 are no longer functioning. So that means that I only have 2 arteries carrying the entire load of my heart. I hadn't expected that bad news. I have a new Cardiologist here in town, so he told us about a new procedure called the Chronic Total Occlusion Procedure. (Pioneered at St. Luke's in Kansas City) I'm going through tests now to see if I'm a candidate for it. It feels like a long shot, but I'm praying and hoping that this might give me better blood flow, we'll see. Life has been crappy at best since late last Fall. no need to get into all of it. I appreciate your prayers and good thoughts coming this way, and I'll keep you updated. 


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