Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Christmas Entry, In and Out...

Hi Everyone, are you in overdrive this week, trying to get ready for Christmas? I'm making progress, but I need to start wrapping gifts. One thing I realized I needed to do was to share pics of my Entry and front porch. I've had to get them over a span of several days, and because of the blah weather they've not consistently turned out. So, again today, I gave it a try. I'm just an "accidental photographer", meaning it's an accident when I can get good photos...

I tried something different here on the Entry Console this year. The little oatmeal colored tree actually got some color. I usually leave it neutral but this year I wanted to try some Tartan Plaid ribbon to go with the rest of the decor theme and to tell the truth, I used several different elements. I finally decided to stick with the small plaid, faux white Viburnum (good to use when a Hydrangea bloom is too big) and some Birdies. I just wish I would have put lights on it first. 

Instead of using my icy looking greenery from last year, I brought back my Moss "O" that my sis made me a few years ago. I love hanging it on a mirror, so it needed some of the same Plaid Ribbon.

I rounded up a few of my vintage Tartan Biscuit Tins and grouped them together. They're not really "Christmas", but they ARE Plaid, and that was the criteria. My NOEL hand painted sign and a metal house with a tea light make it more like Christmas.

My Sofa Table got the Boxwood Topiaries,
 a candle ring of Choke Berries, and a few more Plaid tins.

I love the look of Poinsettias, but since my kitties are "chewers", I can't keep the real ones. We had a 24 hour barf-fest a few years ago, before I realized they were a no-no. So I mixed the faux "Candy Cane" and white ones in my big window box.

I've been using this window basket in place of a wreath on the door since we moved here. As you can see, it has leaded glass that you can see through which I'm not fond of. So as much of it needs to be covered as possible. A mix of faux greenery, white Hydrangeas, and more Candy Cane Poinsettias. Then I used both my ribbon for accent.

I had this metal two tiered plant stand in the living room at the old house, 
 and since there's no place for it inside, I thought I'd try it here on the porch.

The porch is narrow and there's not much room for "stuff" out here. But I brought out one of watering cans and dressed it up a little with more ribbon and greenery.

I've had the small lighted topiary trees for quite a few years. We're not big on outdoor ornamentation or lights so this is about it. I had to laugh, when Mr. "I don't want to mess with decorations or plants" suggested we put something out on the porch since all the other neighbors were decorating. "Who are you, and what have you done with my husband?"  What can I say... he loves this house.

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