Friday, October 9, 2015

Front Porch for Fall

I finally have the front porch put together.
It's a small little porch, and I've been warned  asked
not to cram too much out here.
That's a hard one...

It's Fall,
 and that means mums,
 and my black wagon. my brick and stone cottage.

It's so hard to get a good pic of the door basket,
I continually have to "fluff" it, 
since shutting the door, jars it around a little.

I used a double ribbon;
an orange plaid and a burlap with glittery Fall Leaves.

can we say in unison...
"I LOVE Ribbon"?

I'm trying to be a little conservative here,
I don't want to tempt any of the local trick-or- treaters.

I  may have to scooch this around a little,
since potentially you could fall over this when leaving the house;
a new meaning to "Fall Front Porch".

I remember the first year I was blogging, 
I had a post entitled "Fall from my Window".
you can imagine that someone actually thought I fell out of my window.

I noticed yesterday that the UPS man didn't even attempt a door bell ring.
He threw the package toward the front of the porch and made a hasty retreat.

 I'm going light on pumpkins this year.
 Last year they somehow were stolen  disappeared 
the day before Halloween. hmmm...

so this year,
I opted for pumpkins that don't make a good jack-o-lantern.

How about you...
do your pumpkins ever magically disappear?
(i. hate. that.)

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