Saturday, August 29, 2015

Lavender Hydrangeas

It's obvious that I've waited too long to photo these little hydrangeas blooms. I cut them a couple of days ago, but things got busy and then yesterday afternoon the light was wrong, so this morning they're pretty moppy and limp. But what they're lacking in perkiness, hopefully these wonderful shades of lavender will make up.

This Spring I was excited to plant 2 healthy and happy Hydrangea bushes in our newly landscaped back yard flowerbeds. I had the perfect spot for them, I thought... 

The problem was that my perfect spot for them turned into an oven come the middle of June, and without much shade they were getting too much sun and heat. 

So by the time, we transplanted them into another spot, 
they had taken on some real abuse.


I've had lots of good blooms, but not a lot of growth to the bushes themselves. I've failed to cut them and take pics, before they got away from me. One day I'd look at them, then later they would be on their way out. I started dosing them with coffee grounds each week, and that's given them some life back. Hopefully, next year they'll do better without me working against them.

I added some ivy to the old Ironstone pitcher to help them keep their little heads up for the camera, but even though they are droopy, I'm loving the precious color. These flowers are from the Blue Hydrangea. I imagine the coffee grounds are responsible for the lovely lavender change in color.

 I just couldn't help it that there is a white velvet pumpkin here.
I'm not sure how that happened...

Maybe someday.
I can dream can't I?

 from my Pinterest Board on Flowers and Gardening.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend,


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