Tuesday, June 23, 2015

the comfort zone...

A couple of months ago when my husband first brought up the pick-up and camper idea, I have to admit I was not really "on board". He'd talked about it off and on for years, but it didn't seem like much of a reality. Then 12 years ago our lives changed drastically with my heart problems and basically our focus on life became more day to day and month to month, rather than long term.

Then Hubbs had his own health problems with Meniere's for a few years. After his surgery a few years ago, he's pretty much back to "normal". But we've both realized that whatever traveling we were going to do was not going to be by plane. Him with an inner ear issue and me having had blood clots in my heart, the thought of flying... anywhere... made both of us shudder. We've gotten used to the idea that there are plenty of wonderful places we can visit and enjoy that are here in the states. Although it would be wonderful to jet off to foreign destinations, I prefer to be firmly planted on the ground. Does that make us over the hill fuddy duddies? I hope not. In our perspective, just a little more realistic and practical.

Spring at Roaring River State Park

So last weekend we took our maiden voyage in "The Gray Goose" as we have dubbed our little powerhouse on wheels. We did our first overnight an hour or so south of us at Roaring River State Park, not far from the Missouri/Arkansas state line. If you haven't been to the Ozarks which basically is Southern Missouri and Northern Arkansas, then you are missing some beautiful country. The name "Ozarks" is from the French cartographers of the 1700's when mapping the extensive water system, that is translated "Aux Arcs" which means "bend of the arch". South of Springfield you start into the hilly region with lots of rivers, lakes, and forests. Although we have a bad rap for "hillbillies" and moonshine and way too many billboards for Branson's Country Music shows, we have some wonderful resorts, lake front communities and areas that cater to outdoor and water sports, boating, hiking, sailing, and camping. It's really a great place for family vacationing.(and I know a lot of those "hillbillies" that are multimillionaires).

If you have a minute, this is a great little video that has some wonderful shots of the park and it's history. Also an idea of what the countryside of Southern Missouri is all about.

After 45 minutes of a highway of winding hills and valleys where I clutched my seatbelt and closed my eyes, we found our destination and campsite. Hubbs has done everything imaginable to make me feel excited about the idea of camping, and to lessen the stress and work of taking a trip. From a special coffeepot, (I REALLY love my morning brew) to a portable grill for my favorite steak, he's thought of all the comforts of home, to ensure that I actually enjoy this. We have a generator, heat/ac, full bathroom with shower, galley kitchen with microwave and propane stovetop and oven, fridge, even a tv and dvd player. The bed alcove has a comfortable queen size Sealy mattress and is even equipped with reading lights. So you can see, I'm not roughing it too much.

This is a little creek that ran behind our campsite, and yes, that's actually water!
 I had to take my shoes off and wiggle my toes in it.

The main thing I've had to overcome is fear. Yes, I admit it, I've been fearful to try something new after these last few years of having had so many flukey heart problems. I knew that to be able to enjoy our life, I was going to have to step out of my comfort zone and step out in Faith that this can be a new chapter in our lives. I'm a homebody and love my kitties and a routine. Some days my energy level is pretty much zilch, so taking on something new and strenuous didn't feel like something I wanted to buy into...literally. I was hoping for a sunroom to be built on the existing deck, and maybe not a new pickup and camper. Only thing is that a sunroom wouldn't help my husband find relaxation and the much needed getaway time he needs. Marriage is all about compromise, we all know that. Also it's about being ready to drive off into the sunset with someone you've loved for 2/3 of your life. So I'll have some camping fun, unflattering photos, and bug stories to share here from now on. I hope it won't be too repetitive, just a new chapter of my life to tell you all about.

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