Saturday, June 6, 2015

Happy Camper

I've been thinking about writing this post for the last couple of weeks...I guess it's time. It definitely falls into the category of "Old Dogs", as in "teaching them new tricks". Or as in today's new vernacular aka Jimmy Fallon #hashtags, I could label this:

But, I don't want be a stick in the mud, and this is something my husband is going to love, and has always wanted to do.

So writing this post is my way of making a public commitment.
Yes, we bought a camper.
...and I will go camping.

Not one of the adorable little vintage canned hams that you can sit on your property, give a proper makeover, and tie banners to.

When I was little we actually had a Chevy Station Wagon just like this, 
but it was mint green and white.

 No, this is a bonafide, all your bells and whistles,
 new pickup and camper on top... 
My husband's secret dream come true.

Here are some fun images of "camping" from my Pinterest Board.
(you can always tell what I'm up to when you look at my Pinterest Feed)

Ha Ha, we also had a Nova like this in the early 70's.
...minus the tent and bear.

My Hubby works so hard, and has for the last 40 years.
He's generous and kind, and has always had this idea in the back of his mind,
but kids and responsibilities, 
and a wife that's been in the hospital more than a few times,
not to mention a job that doesn't get done by anyone else while he's gone,
have always made him reluctant to take time away.
I can count the number of "vacations" we've had on one hand.

But we both have had a little epiphany...
if we don't do it now, we may not get to do it.
so...we're jumping in with all four of our feet.
(ok, maybe I'm "in" with just one foot)

I know we'll have lot's of fun, 
and it's going to open up many new experiences and wonderful places.
...I'm just being a little squimish.

My memories of camping from my teenage years 
include heavy military type tents,
no running water, and no electricity.
Cooking and washing dishes the majority of the trip.
I know, there is not much of a comparison.
So, this is the first of many posts I'm sure,
 that I'll share of our little excursions.

who knows, we might just run into this guy...

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