Sunday, May 17, 2015

A Give-Away Heads Up and thoughts from my last post...

First, I want to tell you about a Give Away that I'll be starting (tomorrow)'s really good and you'll be surprised what it is. I don't do a lot of Give-Aways because sometimes people just don't find them compelling, and sometimes people think they're too much trouble, but I think you'll love this one. Because this one is going to be a new take on something you might never have thought about doing.

And now, I really want to thank each of you that commented on my last post about "blogging". Many of you that left comments are No-Reply bloggers, and I so wish that I could return your individual comments because they have meant so much to me. That's why I did the post on "Friends tell Friends when they're No-Reply Bloggers", just so I can at times give a personal note in response to a specific comment. Thank you all for the thoughts and insights about a subject that is timely and so very not forget who we are as bloggers.

The most important take-away from all your comments has been this: to blog about what you love and enjoy; what feeds your creative soul. Don't get caught up in "the machine" of blogging. To be authentic in each post, and not be afraid to share your thoughts and feelings. I may have ideas for blog posts, but I never do any in advance. What you see on my blog is what's happening in my life, in real time. That a blog post doesn't HAVE to be a major production. Sometimes a photograph and a short thought is all that is needed. Let's give each other permission to take the pressure OFF.

And bottom line, I think we all need to remember that we're here sharing our passions, not engaging in a competition. Let us not be afraid to "be the individual" that God has called each of us to be.

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