Saturday, March 28, 2015

A ReLoved Sampler and a Hall Vignette

Last Friday I had a day out with my sister and we headed to 
Ozark Missouri to check out the Spring Open Houses 
and to have lunch at one of my favorite places ever, 
Spring Creek Antiques and Tea Room.
(they have the best chicken salad sandwich in this part of the world)

A few years ago, I had a booth space at Spring Creek, (and a few other spots) but they became too hard to keep up with. Hubbs was great to help me out with the big things, but even with his help, there was lot's of lifting and carrying of merchandise, and getting exhausted. Those of you who have or have had a space at a flea market or antique mall KNOW that it's pretty much something daily and that there are days that you literally work your patootie off. But it's still "in my blood" as they say. I miss it all, but now I just have to be happy "styling" my house and enjoy shopping...I really DO still enjoy the shopping part! 

So, back to shopping, I found this wonderful "Sampler" at one of the shops. With some pastel pinks and blues, it looked Spring-y to me. I have it in my little hallway that's off of my office/creative space. (I use that "creative space" loosely, ha ha) I still have some things left to get unpacked in there, but I'll share it with you eventually. The mirror is an antique that I had up at the old house. It's super heavy and required hubby in his official "wall decor hanging" capacity. I'll need to find a frame for the sampler. We have boxes, (yes, boxes) of empty antique frames that Hubbs has collected. He used to frame antique documents and photos for his own booth space so that's why the obsession, addiction, collection. Anyway, I hope to get my hands on one soon.

I'd had this little table in the Dining Room (at the old house), next to my white church pew. The church pew is downstairs here, along with some other white pieces, awaiting my time and energy in a little kitchen nook. I have great plans for that adorable little "kitchen nook" but right now the need for a new tread mill and my exercise bike have had a priority over the kitchen nook decor. After going through the cardiac rehab, I knew I needed to keep up my momentum. All I have to do is walk downstairs and I'm instantly shamed into action by their presence. 

Since decorating is moving at a snail's pace I feel a little victory in getting this hall spot done. You see it from the Living Room, so it needed attention. I always try to buy any stray needlework at fleas or antique malls if they are affordable. I know all the hours, talent, and patience that go into them, so I want to enjoy them as much as the original creator and recipient.

Those are some GIANT birdies flapping around down there!

I just finished a few little paint projects, so I'll be sharing those next week. The gray paint bug has been biting me, since I did those antique frames in the Living Room and Dining Room. I've decided if gold frames don't work, then just paint it gray...

Hope you have a great weekend,

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