Sunday, March 1, 2015

Early Spring Inspiration

I went looking for some Spring Inspiration through my photo gallery of the last week of February and the first week of March. Here are a few images of what I was doing last year this time and the year before. Some of the photos make me tearful and nostolgic, so I'll save those, but here are a few that are happy and briming with the anticipation of all things Spring.

 March 2014 at the lease house 

(I was just talking about real flowers vs. faux a few days ago,
these tulips were for my Birthday last year.
I had a sore throat all week.
Oh well, I enjoyed them anyway, te he!)

March 2013 at our old house;
The Holiday Cupboard decked out for Spring.

Old House Entry, 2013

2014 Kitchen Sitting Room
Now I'm trying to find my round Dairy sign!?

(armoire is in the master bedroom now, as a TV cabinet)

(I need to fix this tote up again for Spring on the kitchen table)

It snowed about 5-6 inches today, now I'm really ready for Spring!
I've been painting picture frames and hanging a few prints,
since Hubby was available for manual labor.
I'll be sharing those next week.
Hope you're having a cozy weekend,

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  1. All so very beautiful Debra... I can't wait to see how you decorate for Spring in your new home... love all your sweet lambs!... we have snow predicted for the next four days and BIG drop in temps!... make it go away!... I want Spring so bad, we had it for several weeks, our weather is so wacky!... much love, xoxo Julie Marie PS I do know about feeling nostalgic... some days I miss our little farmhouse and farm that I posted about some years back... we thought we would live there forever, until the greedy developers came in and bought up all the serene countryside and that bucolic idyllic landscape was gone forever with cookie~cutter homes and mormon churches everywhere... it's hard sometimes not to dwell on that, as I loved our little farmhouse so... sorry, I am rambling... love you!... xoxo...

    1. I understand so well, I think I miss my squirrels and chipmunks and birds of all kinds. more than the house itself. that's what got me all teary eye'd seeing my bluebirds and chickadee's at the feeder with snow and ice all around. I think I'm getting old...heck, I know I am! I looked for you a tabletop conservatory today, but couldn't find one like mine anywhere. xoxo

  2. Such pretty vignettes! So nice to see some spring-time inspiration. Thanks for sharing.

  3. You have had some beautiful spring decor, Debra! Thanks for all the inspiration!

  4. Fresh and pretty. I especially adore the entryway. XOXO

  5. Hi Debra,
    I am so ready for Spring! Love all your spring inspiration. Love those vintage garden tools too sweet.

  6. Yay March, yay for early spring inspiration! Snow is melting here, and the long-term looks like just this week of normal cold temps (not the frigid stuff), and then we look to be warming up to the 50s and 60s for good, and that's good! Have a great start to your week.

  7. Beautiful! I love your white. My kids tell me I love boring flowers, etc because I always want white t hings. So pure, refreshing and calm.
    Speaking of . . . we are getting a fresh covering of that white stuff again today. I'm thinking it's time for green. :)

  8. Debra,
    Gorgeous photos of your former home at Springtime, dear friend!!!
    I know as time progresses that you, too, will find many treasures to add to your decor!!!
    I'm L O V I N' the 6 inches of SNOW on our side of the Prairie!!!
    At least with this time of year, the SNOW won't last too long!!!

  9. It's snowing here now, we're expected to get 4- 6", and like you are so really for Spring. Gorgeous photos, and you must be excited to know your creating new Spring memories in your new home.

  10. You have some pretty vignettes! they all say Spring to me. I hope you find that round dairy sign soon. I hate it when I can't find something too. Think warm thoughts during this snow season!

  11. Nothing says spring to me like tulips and you've got lots of spring inspiration for us here, Debra. So sorry it snowed on your parade! I think I need to go dig in my spring storage totes and see what I can find to bring a touch of spring to our house. Have a great week!

  12. I know you will make your new home just as beautiful. It IS hard to leave behind something that you have put SO much love into, I totally understand. Loved seeing the pictures, I have been looking for old pictures to share too, since I am in doing nothing made. UGH!

  13. Much as climate was so hard on me I still miss our house and yards from KY house our in country. We lived about 30+ miles north of Bowling Green. Our oldest son bought house then completely redid in/out of house and fixed up front porch/back deck for $55,000. It was so pretty. I always found so many and wonderful treasures there I could afford. Here in CO, not so much. Everything is so much more expensive and hard to find. I even had a free source for old wood windows in Bowling Green across from clinic I went to. Had to leave lots of good stuff when we left KY. We went there to live by oldest son/family but he moved away back to San Diego about 5 yrs. now. Hard part for him is his boys still live there with their Mom.
    I loved that house and yards, big old trees with green grass all year, could grow anything. Had front porch set up so nicely, spent lots of time out there. When we moved there we found tulips, forsythia bushes, other great plants that bloomed so beautifully. Was a hard choice to move back west but my health demanded it. Our two youngest live in this area and four of grand kids. What we had there we couldn't afford here, the price differences on real estate are outrageous here in western CO. Happy week

    1. sounds like you had such a wonderful place back in Kentucky. that's such a beautiful part of the country! Moving is such a hard decision to make, but sometimes so necessary, especially when our health and families are at stake.

  14. I enjoyed all your lovely spring inspiration especially that big basket of tulips!

    Have a good week.

  15. Just love it all, Debra!! Sure inspired me!! And Spring is almost here in central Florida! It will be a whopping 88 degrees this week!! Whoa!!

    Hope your week is lovely!

  16. Beautiful touches of spring. Gives me hope! '-)

  17. beautiful, debra! LOVE the big basket of white tulips esp!


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