Wednesday, December 31, 2014

What a Year!

Like all of you, I love a "Year in Review", "Best DIY Projects" or "Favorites" post, but when thinking back over this last year I didn't feel like I'd been very creative or productive. This last year has been one of the hardest, most demanding of my life. A year ago, we made the decision after much prayer, to begin the process of what I thought would be a major downsizing. We leased a small house and moved out of our larger home of 11 years, taking only what we had room for...the essentials. Then spent the next 6 months, selling, purging, giving away, packing, moving, and renovating. We then put our home, having had a wonderful "facelift", on the market, all the time praying for God's direction. 

Temporary lease house, was God's real blessing.

I had to "re-imagine" and repurpose many pieces of furniture

And buying new furniture that would actually fit.

Enjoying a favorite post from last year;

Then, at the end of June we found our new home, 
which is only 2 miles from our previous home.

Kitchen mini renovation, and interior painting,
 carpets, and clean up took about 2 months.

We had lot's of work to do to make it "ours",

 the house is starting to feel like it's new.

Painting a Chandelier from our previous home made a huge difference.

 Choosing rugs to enhance our light hardwoods...

Coming up with a new color 

We moved in on Halloween...

and I've loved having back some things
 that had spent several months in storage.

Thanks so much for sharing this last year with me. I'm feeling hopeful that 2015 will be an easier least I pray that it will.  I'm thanking God for taking care of us during this last year in transition, and I'm looking forward to some fun new things here on the blog... and I hope you'll stay with me as it all comes together.

Joining in on these favorite parties:

Sending You Blessings and Love 
for the Best New Year!

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