Sunday, July 15, 2012

"Pretty" Pitiful

At the risk of using a double negative...
no one can say that I'm not an optimist.

I mentioned last week that my poor hydrangea bushes have taken a terrible beating in this heat. Same thing last year. I'm seeing that most plants and hydrangeas especially, aren't fond of 100+ temps and drought. I water them every day, sometimes twice a day but this wicked weather is just not conducive to pretty, luscious, colorful blooms. They started out white, then started to immediately dry up. But then just the faintest tinge of color started showing up. (Believe me, there have been some posts from you all out there that have caused severe bloom envy!)

 Not to be outdone by this danged heat spell, I cut what few little attempts there were for blossoms and tied them together to dry on the sunporch. Which by the way can be hotter than Hades in the AC, and my husband frowns on paying the electric company an arm and a leg just for the perk of having it comfortable...wah wah wah.

So, I'm looking on the positive side
 and remembering how much I just love those blooms come Fall; 
all dried and "Autumn-y" with browns and ambers.

I'm hoping if I praise those sad little bushes
that they'll hang in there and keep trying.

...on the other hand,
my geraniums on the deck have done well
as they get afternoon shade and a lot of TLC.

 These next two photos were from May.

Can you see that brown patch on the upper right?
yep, that's the yard.
so sad.
We've managed to miss every little local pop-up storm.

OK, out to water these babies.

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Hope you're having a good Sunday,
and staying cool.

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