Friday, March 23, 2012

What I came home with...

Surely you knew I must have come home from Leola's with a few goodies!

Well, the sun was shining the other day and I wanted to take a few pics
of a wonderful little pharmacy bottle that I bought.

I bought it because it was really flat,
fitting my skinny little window ledge in the kitchen.
(please ignore the dirty window...
that's on my weekend cleaning agenda)

I've also been trying to find vintage umbrellas for my sunporch,
and this cutie with a floral pattern is my latest.

Then I bought one of these little chicken feeders,
but this is a pic from the store, since I don't have any flowers yet.
just couldn't resist!

Here's the rest of the Leola's photos...I promise!

just had to share this adorable straw hat with the pink ribbon!

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Have a great evening,
see you tomorrow with a Give Away.

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