Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Monday Marketplace, Today's the Day

First of all, thanks for the great response to my idea post for this new party. I had intended on coming by to thank each one of you individually, but we had an out of town funeral yesterday, and by the time we got back home, I was wiped out. So please know how much I appreciate hearing from each of you...so many  new commenters, yay!! 

There are so many parties out here, I just want you to know this is not just "another party". I want this to be a relevant way to discover new and creative sellers and products. It's open to anyone that buys or sells on Etsy or from online, Web Boutiques. We may be sorting things out for the first few weeks. I'm hoping we have a good turnout. As I said in my earlier post, depending on you all, I may have separate categories for items.

I had a few questions about how to link up an Etsy item; it's just like linking up a specific blog post. When you right click on the item "name" in Etsy, just choose "copy link address" then join the party. A photo will come up for the item, choose and click and you're in. Please link up only two items from your shop. This party is only for items that are for sale. Please don't link posts on DIY projects or things you have made unless you are selling them. This is a party for items that are for sale. Don't link up to your store, but to an individual item. Remember we will be doing this each week, so you can have an opportunity to showcase new items each week.

 If you're linking up on this venue, I just ask that you join as a follower and that you grab the button that's on the sidebar and link back to Common Ground from your blog. And if you get a chance please blog or Facebook your friends about the new weekly party. This could be like going to a virtual flea market or show each Monday. Wow, who wouldn't LOVE that?

I'll be featuring 3 sellers and their products each week. So for this first week, I'm highlighting three of my sponsors and their products that I really love. 

From French Bleu Vintage

(just like the one I have)

from 107 Vintage

from Tattered Goods

And even though Kristen isn't a sponsor,
 I'm totally smitten with these great Typewriter Key Bracelets
 that she creates from Sophia's.
Hope you'll run by her blog for this recent post.

OK, everyone...let's have some fun.
And if you sell your item that has been showcased,
please let me know in a comment.
I'm hoping we have a great party!

and if you haven't entered Nancy's Give Away


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