Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Give Away Winner and a New Paint Project

You'll have to look closely at these top two photos, otherwise you might just think a small tornado has blown through my living room. OK, can you see what I'm up to? I felt it coming last week, and even mentioned it in my last blogpost about my Hall Bath Makeover.

Last summer when I painted most of my furniture in the Living Room and Entry white, I noticed that the walls all of the sudden didn't "feel" right anymore. They are a cappuccino tan that I loved about 8 years ago. With the darker furniture it gave a nice backdrop. Now that the furniture is lighter my drapes and sofas have "disappeared" into the walls.

I've been seeing this coming, but once I found the Sandstone Cove color for my Hall Bath, it was inevitable!

So this is what I'm up to. I'll try to keep you posted. As you can see, as of this morning, I have just done a "test" area with one coat. But already I know I'm going to love it. The subtle gray undertone surprisingly takes down the rest of the khaki a bit. What can I say, I like to change things up, and this will lighten up the house even more.

My husband looks at me and shakes his head, but he knows that I won't change my mind so he rolls with it. I can do most of it, but he's going to have to do the peak points of the "cathedral". He seems to be OK with that, but I'll have to wait for the weekend for it all to be finished. This is where I learn to practice the concept of "pacing myself" and not wearing myself out...or driving my husband crazy...we'll see.

AND, the winner of my Follower's Give Away is 
Hey Pam, send over your address and I'll get your necklace in the mail!

Thanks to all of you sweet followers,
wish I could send each one of you a gift!
Thank you for always being there with a word of encouragement.
love you guys sooooooo much!!

group hugs,
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