Wednesday, December 28, 2011

"Pinning" A Holiday Wedding

I still don't have all the little bugs worked out of transferring photos from Pinterest into my blog post, so please excuse the little glitches here and there. I've been collecting these images for a few weeks so that I could celebrate hubbs and my Anniversary which is today. Dare I say it...? 39 years...
I know that's older than many of you out there, and gee whiz, I hate to date myself... did I just say "gee whiz"... OK, that's dating myself. What can I say, we were kids.

Source: via Debra on Pinterest

Even before we were married I just loved the idea of a Christmas Wedding. Magical by candlelight and in a snow covered setting. These are just a few images that captured that feeling. Oh yes, and that must have hint of red.

The simplicity of "nature" added to this cake with the red roses and twigs would be my choice today.

And a sleigh ride from the church...just perfect!

A breathtaking gown

Source: via Debra on Pinterest

handmade bouquet

Source: via Debra on Pinterest

A tree lined entrance all aglow...

How adorable are these two?
But maybe just a tad bit chilly.

Love her fur jacket...

OK, I probably would nix the skis.
But today I'm just dreaming...

would you like to know the reality of my day?

I spent last night in the ER with a sprained ankle.

Celebrating may be by candlelight, 
but it will probably be take out.

Oh well, at least it's not broken...
I'm thankful for that.
But anyway you look at it, 
I have a wonderful husband,
even if today's best friends are a pair of crutches and a vicodin.

Not complaining... just keepin' it real.

See ya tomorrow...I think.

Source: via Debra on Pinterest

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