Friday, December 16, 2011

Vintage Inspiration Friday # 68 Inspired by Paperwhites

I discovered Paperwhites about 8 years ago and I've been smitten since. My Christmas decor leans to the "natural" most of the time, and nothing says "Christmas" to me like paperwhites. Some people find they are heavenly scented, others just the opposite. But however you feel about their scent, I think we all agree they are beautiful...and super easy to create a big impact wherever they might be.

They are at home in an elegant setting.
You can dress them up or down, 
depending on the container and the surroundings.

and equally gorgeous in an old crate or bucket

En masse they are amazing...

So many different containers can be used, vintage or new

Mantles or centerpieces

A beautiful addition to your Holiday decor.

Check out this article in the current Southern Living Magazine
for some how-to tips.

(All photos above on my Paperwhite Board at Pintererst)

A few years ago I found this wonderful large blue transfer soup tureen,
and as it had no lid, I bought it on the cheap.

I don't guess I have another photo of this container in full bloom,
not sure why, but it was wonderful!

Here's one of this years containers. 
This photo was taken about a week and a half ago,

and today

I had forgotten about the matching green transfer platter,
so it's now holding the paperwhites in the soup tureen.

More on Paperwhites this weekend!

Let's see what was happening last week at the party!

If you missed this post from Home is Where the Boat Is.
you absolutely have to go visit.
My favorite kind of tablesape; Garden Inspired!

Elaine at Sunny Simple Life painted a wonderful bookshelf white
and now it's in the kitchen holding some fun Christmas decor.

takes us on a walking tour to share some wonderful Historic front porches.

If you don't know Jeanine from Chippy Shabby,
then Hey, where have you been?
This girl is tops in fabulous vintage displays.
Go check out the wonderful Christmas fun.

Jessie from A Cozy Cottage in the City shares her vintage
holiday decor on a wonderful mantle display.

My sweet friend Kate from Salvage Dior
always has the most amazing things in her space at Country Roads.
Pop over and check it out, you'll be in heaven!

And Donna at the Decorated House
has me in love with her wonderful Christmas mantle.

Each week just gets better!
Thanks so much for taking the time to join the party,
you all are THE most talented people in blogdom!

Grab the image for your sidebar if you'd like,
we still have a couple more weeks of Christmas fun.
and please have a link to Common Ground within your post.

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Holiday Hugs and Love,


  1. Funny that you call them paper weights. We call them john quills. Whatever they are called they are tryly beautiful. Love your features too. Appreciate your party every week Thanks and Merry Christmas to you.

  2. They are fantastic Debra! Mine just started blooming yesterday. I have only two bulbs of them, but next year I think I will get more. They are so nice in the middle of winter. Thanks for hosting and for linking it with Home Sweet Home!

  3. Hello Debra, I like your pretty post on the paper whites. Our's out here in Cali are already begining to bloom here in the garden. Which caught me by surprise last Saturday. Thank You for hosting this afternoon wishing you a reat day.....Julian

  4. oh...
    this morning I was looking at some in the grocery store and walked away because I can take down SILK flowers in a heartbeat!!! Think I can make some of these "happen" without committing flower murder?

    Your green transferware is DELICIOUSLY gorgeous!!!!

    ;-D xoxo

  5. Thank you so much for the feature. I am loving my little shelf. I love to force bulbs and took some of my bulbs and did that this year when I divided them but I love how you have them growing in a china dish.

  6. I am late to the paperwhite scene this year but running out today from your inspiration!!

  7. Hi Debra!

    Thank you so much for featuring me along such lovely talented ladies! Those other features are amazing to say the least! :)

    Love those paperwhites! I have not done that in a long while - hopefully next year! :) Thanks for hosting - can't wait to check out the other links! Hugs & Happy Holidays to you!!!


  8. I just love paperwhites and love the images you've gathered here, especially the ones just growing in the transferware casseroles!

  9. Fantastic features and inspiration Debra. Thanks for hosting.

  10. It is not Christmas with paper whites. I loves them. Richard from My Old Historic House.

  11. Paperwhites are beautiful and Classy without been pretentious, I will try them at home some day.
    Thanks again Debra for this great Xmas blog hop, it makes me feel like a child in a candy shop :)

  12. Hi Debra... love all your paperwhites, soo pretty!... and how fun it is to watch them grow a little each your beautiful soup tureen!...linking up to your party once more... xoxo Julie Marie

  13. I'm anxiously waiting for my paper whites to bloom! I think I should read more about them in that article- I can always use some gardening help! LOL
    Thanks for hosting-I ♥ seeing so much inspiration.

  14. Paper whites are gorgeous, but I don't care for their scent much. Thanks for hosting.

  15. Paperwhites are so pretty! Thanks so much for hosting these Christmas parties each Friday.

    I so enjoyed all the lovely paperwhites, and even more as I have not seen any here on my little island, yet--
    I love them in your soup terrinne- they truly smells heavenly, and looks like little flower prinsesses.
    Beautiful new header also dear friend.
    Hugs and love, Dorthe

  17. Hi Debra! My Paper Whites in the dining room just opened this week and I LOVE them. I'm thinking I will just cover the whole house with them next year. LOL! Thanks for the beautiful inspiration as always and for being such a lovely hostess. :-)

  18. The paperwhites are beautiful, Debra, and the features are fabulous!

    Thanks for being a gracious hostess!

  19. Debra,
    Living on the Prairie...I've not had luck finding real paper whites! I adore all the photos of creative ways to use paper whites with your Christmas decor! I come away from your blog so inspired each week. Thank you for hosting this weekly meme and for showcasing other bloggers posts!

  20. I love paper whites...remind me of my grandmother's house! Beautiful features, Debra! Thanks for hosting! Happy week!...hugs...Debbie

  21. Paperwhites are so pretty. I love that you put yours in a soup tureen. I like to purchase the bulbs on sale after Christmas ... they make great centerpieces in the dreary month of January. Thanks so much for featuring my blog today! I was so surprised.

  22. I always wish that I had remembered to plant my paperwhites! Maybe next year, lol? Thanks for hosting, Debra!
    xo, Andrea

  23. I LOVE those paperwhites popping up in the the transferware tureen! How gorgeous!! Lots of great blogs to check out~thanks for hosting! I brought along some vintage shabby chic fabric samples that I turned into a piece of artwork.

  24. I was just thinking today that I need to be looking for a store that sells these. Last year I didn't get to plant any, and I really missed them. Thanks for hosting- love all the paperwhite inspiration!

  25. Debra, great inspiration and features! Thanks for hosting a great link party! I love Paperwhites! Thank you for reminding us just how lovely they are! Merry Christmas!

  26. I have never forced paperwhites, and they are certainly lovely!! Thanks for hosting!

  27. oh, I love paperwhites, every year I say I will have some next year, so thanks for the inspiration, as usual!

  28. oh Debra- I just love it all! great features and love your green transferware!

    Merry Christmas


  29. Debra,
    Paperwhites are wonderful! If I did not have cats, I would have plenty of them. They have a wonderful fragrance.
    My favorite shot is the one with the tiny ornaments nestled around the bases of the bulbs. Beautiful!

  30. Hi Debra!!
    I am in love with your beautiful paperwhites and inspirations!! Gorgeous! Thanks so much for hosting! :)

  31. Debra- you're right- paper whites are just divine. Love their delicate elegance. I'm also lovin' that feature on that Christmas kitchen book shelf! TOO cute! andrea@townandprairie

  32. I love the Paperwhites in your Blue and White. I think I will try that.... Very pretty.

    Thanks so much for hosting!


  33. Oh I share your love for paperwhites...mine are about the same size as yours right now..I HATE the way they smell though..YUK!!! I love that pillow in Kates die for!!! x0

  34. Paperwhites are so gorgeous, especially growing in transferware, YUM! Thanks so much for hosting and linking up.

  35. I love paperwhites! I worked in a nursery and florist for years and I haven't had these for so long! I miss them and you post tells me I need to get them again!
    Thank you for hosting!

  36. I haven't grown paperwhites in years... this post definitely makes me want to bring them back into the decor! Happy VIF!

  37. Debra,
    Thanks so much for hosting. I just love all of those paperwhites and they look beautiful in your blue and white.
    Marianne :)

  38. I love paperwhites too. I love the photo of the paperwhites in the transferware tureen. So beautiful. Thanks for hosting this lovely party.

  39. Oh, I love paperwhites too. I'm giving them as hostess gifts this year!
    Merry Christmas!

  40. Hi Sweet
    Love the paper whites, they are so beautiful and you have so many lovely images here... I also love the fact I can't smell them over here either :)
    Blessings this week

  41. Thank you so much for being such a gracious host. Love your header.
    Blessings, Audrey

  42. I adore paperwhites too. Love them in your soup tureen. I do something similar in a beautiful oval planter I found in Italy. Linking tonight my fully blinged out Christmas house tour. Thanks.

  43. Why didn't I have the presence of mind to think of paper whites???

  44. It's always vintage Heaven over here! every feature and all of those gorgeous paperwhites photos! Thank you for hosting Debra!


  45. The paperwhites look so beautiful I can smell them - oh, wait I CAN smell them because I have them blooming in my living room! I just love them. To me they smell like Christmas.

  46. hi Debra!
    one can NEVER have too many paperwhites at Christmas!!

    love, Love, LOVE!!!

    xo, Rosemary

  47. Paper whites look so beautiful -- yours are coming along. Maybe you could share your secret for keeping them healthy.

  48. Hi! Thanks for hosting.. I love all the inspiration out there. I'm kind of new to the whole link-up party thing and I'm having so much fun sharing and getting ideas from all the other great posts that are shared!!

  49. I knew I had forgot to do something this year...plant paperwhites! It's such a joy to see something blooming during this season...even tho' the smell can be a bit much. I won't tell you what it reminds me of.

  50. I love this post. These are so much fun, the possibilities for containers are endless.
    Happy Holiday

  51. they grow sooooo fast! beautiful!

  52. many inspiring ladies!

    happy to be joining this week. Merry Christmas!

    Janet xox

  53. OMG!*!*!
    What a Surprise to see my ChiPPy!-SHaBBy! Santa... Thanks soooo much for the shout Debra!!!
    Jeanine Burkhardt

  54. I'm still waiting for my paperwhites.... started them too late.

    So as for my vintage links: a holiday planter can look modern and vintage all at once and what's more vintage than the Grinch!?

    I was feeling a bit grinchy this year, thus my grinch tree, less lush thank previous but still meaningful and makes me smile like a Who.

  55. Paperwhites are so pretty at the holidays!
    Thanks for hosting Debra...your party always makes for a great weekend!!

  56. Love the beauty of Paper Whites, and I just love the name don't your Debra??

    Everything looks so beautiful over here as well.
    wishing you a white Christmas all paper in white :)

  57. Love the magnolia garland over the doorway. Quite elegant!

  58. Paperwhites are so pretty. I plant them in the garden after forcing and sometimes they will come back.

    thank you for the party!

  59. Beautiful! I just love paper whites. I had some last year, but didn't get around to getting some this year since we weren't going to be home.

  60. Hello Debra!
    I Adore Paper Whites too! So many Creative Ladies today for VIF. Thank you Again for being our Hostess.
    If you get a Chance stop By. I have done a little something different this time that I hope you Enjoy!
    Have a Wonderful Day!

  61. Such a pretty post Debra! I love the container you chose. I'm always wanting to do do bulbs for Christmas, but another year slipped by! Your other selections are so wonderful. I love the dark mantel with the silvery containers. Wishing you a wonderful Christmas dear! xx

  62. Transferware & Paperwhites~ a match made in heaven! Thanks so much for hosting and for the feature~ I'm honored :)

  63. You know when I initially read the title of this post yesterday, after traveling for hours, I thought it said, "powered by paper whites" and so it is. Thanks bunches lovey for doing what you do for us. Happy days ♥ Olive

  64. Beautiful features and inspirations! Thanks for hosting your wonderful party each week!
    Wishing you a Merry Christmas!
    ~ Julie

  65. The paperwhites are so lovely...and I particularly love the idea of putting them in the transferware containers!

  66. Ooooo I love paperwhites too, but haven't gotten any yet this year!! I can't believe that. My brain is in overdrive and not getting anywhere. My cousin told me on facebook that I sent her TWO cards in one week. Same card, but I had written different things inside. Oyyyy..oh my!

    I also adore how you change up your blog header Debra!! LOVE LOVE!!
    PS For the time being I seem to be able to comment as MYSELF! YAY!

  67. Debra! So excited to be linking with you this week - just in time for Christmas! I love to decorate for the Christmas holidays - but I think things are better in person around here than I can make come to life via photos. Regardless - so much inspiration for new decorating vistas with all these creative ladies posting here - and your paperwhites are NEW to me - but I just love their rustic charm bulbing out of pots of all shapes and sizes - much like Jesus coming to bring the purity of His paperwhite New Life into our pots - no matter what they're made out of! So inspired - and I have a couple of these pots littered about the house - must try this!

  68. Hello Debra, I found you from Hartwood Roses. You are energetic! What a beautiful site. I have Past Reflections Antiques in Warrenton, VA and we are open Thurs to Sat 10-5 and Sun 12 to 5. Stop by if you are in the area.
    Thanks for letting me be a regular on your blog. Happy Holidays!


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