Sunday, November 6, 2011

What's New in the Shop

These cooler days of Fall have me more productive in the studio,
so I thought I'd share what I've been adding to my Etsy Shop.
Some brass and zinc numbered tags are now hanging out 
with my blinged keys.

I put together a little impromptu styling vignette
 with an old celluloid covered jewelry box,
a frame of dried flowers and a small gold portrait frame.

One of my few hydrangeas of the year
 that has the most amazing lavender color.

and a fragile old book entitled Religious Experience in Twelve Letters
 dated 1826.

Vintage ladies watchfaces added to the key
and a new watch as part of the pendant.

The pendants are hanging from a 28 inch silver plate ball chain,
so there's no tarnishing.

Several of these have already been sold.
If you'd like something that's shown, just email me and
I'll try to put something together just for you.
Please be sure and label it "Jewelry" on the email.

It's never too soon to start thinking Christmas!

Hope you're having a wonderful weekend;
I know I enjoyed that extra hour we had last night!

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