Saturday, October 29, 2011

What I managed to snag while in St. Louis...

We didn't get to some of our regular antique spots like, Big Bend, Treasure Aisle, or Warson Woods, but we did make it to my favorite little shops, Tin Roof and White Swan Antiques (University City, corner of Bruno and McCausland). These are true antique "stores" not a mall. There are always great finds and good buys.

So there's this little chip on the rim,
but who cares, this Majolica was only 12 dollars!

Books for 80 cents.

immaculate grain sack, rusty yellow garden tool,
and gravy boat from England.

Since painting the Living Room "white" this summer,
I've started collecting white matte pottery for the mantle.

Anyone know about either of these white pieces?
They didn't have any markings.

And another of my small obsessions,
Biscuit tins. and if they're plaid...
well, just get outta my way!

whoops, another biscuit tin, this time in green

and a silver plate heavy platter for 5 bucks that has a little copper showing through...

nothing that a few strategically placed goodies won't take care of.
(good grief, I can't believe I haven't shown off my million dollar velvet pumpkin!)

this sweet baby isn't old, but I have Christmas plans for him.

and my next project...

...with "help"!

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