Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Bundt Pan Centerpiece

I found this old, (as in probably from the 70's old) bundt cake pan several years ago. At least I think it's a bundt cake pan. It seems a little ornate and detailed but I don't think it could be anything else. I sure would have hated to be the one to butter and flour this one. I have enough trouble getting a cake out with silicone and Pam.
Anyway, the color and patina got my attention, and instead of the torture of using it for it's intended job, I opted for a Fall Centerpiece instead. Much easier than scraping cake out of little nooks and crannies.

These first four photos I "grittied" up on Picnik.
I really love that site,
I've been known to play over there for hours.

I'm using faux Fall hydrangeas and real pumpkins and gourds.

I'm sorry, you couldn't MAKE that patina if you tried!

I borrowed an old zinc lid from one of my Mason jars,
inverted it and added a pumpkin scented tea light.

One of my squirrels is hanging out on a make it yourself cupcake stand.

It was so pretty at night,
it gave the sunroom a warm cozy glow.

Fun using odd finds for centerpieces.
Hydrangeas and pumpkins are one of my favorite combinations!

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Hope you've been having a great week,
Gosh, I love this time of year!

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