Sunday, September 4, 2011

...I finally did it!!

Can I tell ya just how long I've wanted to do this...?

(here she is after only 5 hours paint time)

To paint this monstrosity of the 80's...
this octopus that inhabited my now pretty frenchy living room...

OK, I have to admit,
it started to look better when all the shades were removed.

Taking this puppy down was just NOT gonna happen.
it is about 5 foot wide and 5 foot tall,
and weighs a ton.
I think it has 23 or 24 candelabras attached.

So my husband found a ladder for me
and held his breath and prayed.
First thing was to clean over 9 years of dust and cobwebs off of it.
Above is the first coat of  "Creamy White" by Behr.

Yessiree girls and boys,
I brush painted this other choice.

And below is the second coat of a mix of creamy white, black, and almond
to get this yummy gray taupe, medium dark coat.
Dry brushed a sloppy coat.

Next a coat of Creamy White and the Almond (custom color)
dry brushed on top of all that.

Hard to see, but it has great "dimension" and subtleties.

I love this reflection!

Now, this room is about where I envisioned it several months ago.
I'm getting there!

I was so excited to post this I still have paint all over me
and I haven't cleaned up my mess.
more photos this week...!

Moral of this story?
Where there's a will there's a way!

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Now to see if I can get all this paint off.


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