Sunday, September 11, 2011


I knew when I took out the paint
and made the first swipe on my coffee table,
that I had a road in front of me
that would take a while to cover.

That was back over the July 4th weekend
and I think I've painted over 14 pieces of furniture
big and small...
plus one huge chandelier.

And countless other changes were made
to get my Living Room to the place it is now.

Then there were these "holdouts".
The two black pieces that were in my bedroom hallway.
I couldn't put it off any longer,
It was a dark reminder of how far I'd come.

I looked for a photo of this hallway with the two black pieces,
but couldn't find one.
So here is how it looks now.
much happier, lighter and brighter!

This lampshade is driving me crazy in this photo,
but it's not wonky in the rest of the photos
so I guess it's just the angle I was shooting from.

This is looking the other direction, toward the kitchen and Dining Room

Here's that blasted shade again,
I'm on the lookout for something lighter now.

I've had this wonderful "Our Father" print for awhile,
just waiting for the right spot.

Fragile and stained,
even more precious.

These are just cheap pieces from Hobby Lobby
purchased when we first moved in.
Something to set a lamp on in the dark hallway.

My vintage tapestry from Belgium circa 1930s.

I still have a few mirrors to hang here
that I think will help reflect the light.
and yesterday I gave an old laundry basket
the French touch paint technique,
much like I did the chandy.
First gray, then black, then almond...
dry brushing and blending as you go.

I'll be linking up with these great parties:
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Also, wanting to pay homage to those whose lives were taken
and those whose lives were shaken, on September 11, 2001.
For a season we all looked to God,
may we never forget...

much love,

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