Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Entry

I love an Entry Hall. It sounds so "English Manor House" to me. "The Entry"... In reality we all have one whether our home is large or small, grand estate or intimate cottage. If you have a front door...then you have an "entry". One thing I remember hearing is that it always needs a mirror. You know, a place to check to see if you are "presentable" to whomever it is that's arriving. Hair in place, no broccoli in your teeth, try to eliminate the scary factor so the UPS guy will be sure and show up next time.

So here are some photos of mine. If you've been with me a while you've seen it before, but just for the fun of it, pretend it's new! Well, I DO like to keep the faux flowers current, I'm just about to break out the sunflowers and Blackeyed Susan's, just been too busy painting furniture to brave the storage room boxes.

Recent painted small dresser that holds hats, scarves, and gloves.

View into Dining Room

The crossroads, you can go three different directions.

Straight ahead is the Living Room

(please ignore the mantle, I'm still tweaking it) 

Hallway to kitchen with my sweet little sideboard.

 is hosting a new monthly series of parties,
Room By Room.
Be sure and go by and join in.
And Metamorphosis Monday,
 because something's always changing around here.

Table Top Tuesday with Marty,
and Tuesday's Treasures with Kristin

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See you tomorrow, and Tuesday is another


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