Sunday, August 14, 2011

Bird Prints on the Cheep, Cheap

Vintage Bird and Botanical Prints
are always a staple in home decor;
they just never go out of style.
And in the catalogs you can usually find some form of them for sale.

I've found a lot of the smaller prints in flea markets,
 but the larger ones are a little more scarce.
I love these from Ballard Designs but they had a sizable price tag for the set.

I'm not the first one to blog about this,
but one of the best sources for quality prints is calendar art.
Cavallini and Co. puts out fantastic poster size art calendars
 each year in several wonderful themes.
Birds, botanicals, Paris prints, vintage maps, and butterflies
just to name a few.

I didn't buy one for this year,
and I regret it, because now there isn't a one out there,
but I did have my 2010 calendar.

I had a print that was a little outdated, but the frame was still good.
so I trimmed down a calendar page,
and now I'm using it in my kitchen.

(goodbye...little peaches!)

(hello, sweet birdie and nest!)

(better shot in the dining room)

Sorry, it's so hard to get a good shot without glare.

And this is a vintage print that I found at a garage sale for a few dollars.
I just painted the old oak frame black;
now it's similar to the pricey catalog ones.

I have it in my Dining Room above this old metal flower stand.

and this one, let's just not talk about it...

Even Miss Wrigley is skeptical...

an old print and a dry brush of paint, ta da!

(sorry for the glare again)

There are a lot of inexpensive ways to find great prints
Don't be afraid to buy a "less than" print and frame if the price is right.
A little paint and a print exchange can result in a usable piece of art
without paying break-the-bank prices.

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Hope you had a great weekend,

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