Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Evolution, not Revoltution

After this last weekend with a house full of kiddos,
I should be mopping floors, changing sheets,
and cleaning bathrooms...
but no,
I'm snapping photos of the Living Room
trying to decide on lampshades
and ways to de-fussify my tooooo fussy space.

Vanessa from At the Picket Fence
has a great post on a close subject;
how to add elements of a new style into an existing decorated space.
I can identify...

We purchased a lot of our furniture nine years ago when we moved here,
and my tastes have evolved since then.
I still love it,
I just like to change things up every once in a while.

(The monster armoire was one of our first purchases
 when we were married.
It's been a fixture for all these years,
and I wouldn't change it for anything.)

But when you buy "break the bank" furniture,
I can't justify buying new just because I have an itch for a clean slate.

So I'm in an ongoing process to evolve my spaces into more of "who I am now",
verses who I was "then".
Can you relate?

I'm a big proponent on letting your house dictate the furniture "style" and mood.
Just like I wouldn't put modern furniture in an 1800's saltbox.
Some people might be more gutsy than me...
but that's just my opinion on interior design.

Our house just has a more formal feel to it.

Sorry these photos are washed out,
I was trying to show the little vintage rug
that I recently changed out for summer.

I was done with the red.

(and believe it or not,
 I actually have edited some of my stuff since this photo!)

So I'm continuing to move toward a lighter more neutral palette.
Like just adding a vintage linen table runner
to help cut the vast expanse of dark coffee table.

I'm thinking of painting and distressing it and the end tables white;
not sure if I want to take that huge plunge quite yet.

So now to the culprit lampshades at hand.
I want something more updated on these puppies.
I'm not ready to buy new lamps
 even though I'd like to do away with all the brass in here.

It's everywhere...

Yes, there are two of them;
one for each end table and each sofa...

I'm thinking these linen shades, sans the lamps,
 from Pottery Barn
may be just what I need.
Can you visualize them with me?

OK, stay tuned for more of what I've been doing in here.

I also have an itch to paint out my grandmother clock,
(scroll back a few photos on the left.
It's new, not an antique)
which I think will be a project soon.
I want that French/Scandinavian look for it.

My sister-in-law has threatened to beat me if I do...
guess I'll have to chance it.

I'm open for ideas on how to change things up.
any thoughts?

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love you guys,
see ya Thursday for

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