Monday, April 25, 2011

A Royal Powder Room

Hi Everyone, hope you had a wonderful Easter. We've met our St. Louis kids halfway for Easter dinner in Rolla, Missouri for the last several years. Since Erin is in real estate and works on the weekends, we get together for a fun lunch and then spend the afternoon hanging out.

It's been raining at a constant downpour here for the last week, windy and cool. Blah...can you believe I had to wear "cuddle duds" under my new linen pants for Easter?

To celebrate the Royal wedding this week I'm sharing a few British items that are commemorative. My powder room has "all things British", and my favorites are my vintage biscuit tins. The Brits are big on their "biscuits", what we would consider butter cookies or shortbread. Royals and weddings give rise to tons of collectible pieces.

Bookshelf in powder room

This is a tin of Princess Elizabeth before she was crowned queen.

It was in such terrible condition with some large scratches,
 that I tried to minimize it by painting part of the horse.
(don't look too close!)

I believe this is Prince Phillip in Scottish regalia

The Prince Phillip tin.

A sweet little toffee tin;
love the tartan plaid and castles.

Another of my toffee tins with a Staffordshire soap dish,
English cottage, and my favorite Crabtree and Evelyn "Gardener's" line. 

A commemorative small plate for Charles on becoming the Prince of Wales.

Loving all English countryside prints,
sorry for the glass glare.

And here are some other images of Royal tins from Google Images

images are from her site!

Blessings to William and Kate and their families

I'll be linking to these parties this week

Have a wonderful week,
hope it's sunny for you and the Royal Couple!

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