Wednesday, April 20, 2011

bunnies, kitties, and burlap...

My sis brought these extra darling bunny silhouettes
 over for me and the girls for Easter.

Love that bright pop of green grass!
Mine is the white one with the damask
(she knows me so well)
and there are two of the black ones.

The girls will love them!
And thanks Beck, for your creations on your silhouette machine!!

Moving right along,
a few days ago I found this great little burlap luncheon cloth at Relics,
and put it out on the kitchen table.

Great little blue stripe

I guess it's kind of a mixture of linens really,
but evidently it had that "burlap" smell and feel!


Oh yeah....

that feels fabulous!

And in case you're horrified by cats on the kitchen table,
I can tell you there's no controlin' cats.
They may not do it in front of you,
but you can be sure
the moment you leave the house
they are doing whatever they want.

I thought I'd give an update on the Kitty Wars.
If you remember I took the above offender to the vet
and came home with some kind of "happy pill",
good attitude collars,
and pheromone pleasing plug ins.

So the good news is that it seems to be working.
yes, there are some very minor skirmishes,
but all in all, things have quited down substantially.

Spring Fever seems to be under control!!!!

see ya tomorrow for
Vintage Inspiration Friday

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