Thursday, March 17, 2011

Vintage Inspiration Friday #29: Going Green for St. Patty's

To celebrate
St. Patrick's Day
 I thought I'd grab a few of my favorite green things.

Watering cans come in all colors at my house.
I have plenty of the plain zinc kind,
 but I always love me some accent color for the season.

So for Spring, I snipped a few branches of my monster forsythia out back
and brought them in to force.

This little chair was one of a set of table and chairs that was
a present for my 2nd Birthday.
My brother and sister used it too,
so I only managed to get one of the chairs.

 I found this precious little book last year;
(published in 1933)
my favorite shade of green,
french gardening graphic,
and perfect for my vintage "garden book" collection.

This is one of the photos inside.

Ivy and miscellaneous Spring stuff
in one of my carriers.

Uh oh...look who's here!

Out for a tasty snack of forsythia.
The girls love Spring too!

And now for some inspiration fun from last week:
Be sure and click for some great ideas!

Freckled Laundry

Today I'm joining in on these great parties.

Hope you'll join in the
Vintage Inspiration Party!
Please grab the button for your post and sidebar
so everyone can share in the fun!

and if you've been featured then there's an ap for that!

I may not get to leave a comment with everyone this weekend
but I'll be coming by.
Thanks so much in advance for linking up for the party!

I had a washer malfunction, which led to purchasing a new washer, dryer,
and while we were at it, a new dishwasher.
(dang these things are expensive!)
I've been without a washer since Monday...eeeck!

And then...
since the appliances were out
I've been painting and redoing my laundry room!
Don't know if it will make the blog cut,
but it sure has been overdue.

So have a fun weekend;
I have my work cut out for me!

love you all,

p.s. I'll try to get out the rest of the wonderful photos from Leola's this weekend

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