Thursday, March 17, 2011

Vintage Inspiration Friday #29: Going Green for St. Patty's

To celebrate
St. Patrick's Day
 I thought I'd grab a few of my favorite green things.

Watering cans come in all colors at my house.
I have plenty of the plain zinc kind,
 but I always love me some accent color for the season.

So for Spring, I snipped a few branches of my monster forsythia out back
and brought them in to force.

This little chair was one of a set of table and chairs that was
a present for my 2nd Birthday.
My brother and sister used it too,
so I only managed to get one of the chairs.

 I found this precious little book last year;
(published in 1933)
my favorite shade of green,
french gardening graphic,
and perfect for my vintage "garden book" collection.

This is one of the photos inside.

Ivy and miscellaneous Spring stuff
in one of my carriers.

Uh oh...look who's here!

Out for a tasty snack of forsythia.
The girls love Spring too!

And now for some inspiration fun from last week:
Be sure and click for some great ideas!

Freckled Laundry

Today I'm joining in on these great parties.

Hope you'll join in the
Vintage Inspiration Party!
Please grab the button for your post and sidebar
so everyone can share in the fun!

and if you've been featured then there's an ap for that!

I may not get to leave a comment with everyone this weekend
but I'll be coming by.
Thanks so much in advance for linking up for the party!

I had a washer malfunction, which led to purchasing a new washer, dryer,
and while we were at it, a new dishwasher.
(dang these things are expensive!)
I've been without a washer since Monday...eeeck!

And then...
since the appliances were out
I've been painting and redoing my laundry room!
Don't know if it will make the blog cut,
but it sure has been overdue.

So have a fun weekend;
I have my work cut out for me!

love you all,

p.s. I'll try to get out the rest of the wonderful photos from Leola's this weekend


  1. What a great display!! Love forsythia and I lvoe that cute green chair
    Have a wonderful day!!

  2. Just love the pics as they remind me of Spring!! We still have snow on the ground but it is melting day by day!
    Good to be back with all my blogging friends

  3. Love everything, especially the little chair and kitties! Sweet!

  4. I always enjoy seeing all your treasures no matter what color they are. The little green chair is so precious.

  5. Oh I love it all! Darling post today~Cheers Kim

  6. Hello Debra...
    I love all your -spring photoes,dear,--
    exspecially your own sweet little chair- how wonderfull, to still have that in your home.
    And love your cats, sitting there, smelling the swet spring.
    Here it is rayning all day long, fortunate we are, to have a home,to be warm and safe inside!
    I wish you a happy working week-end sweet- must be great with a new painted laundry room.
    Hugs from me.

  7. Hi Debra, at first I didn't think my post had anything vintage in it and then I remembered the shoe mold, vintage magazine rack, the old bunny my grandmother made and the birdhouse made from very old barn wood and an old doorknob. Your vignette is just gorgeous. Love the green watering can and what adorable babies.

  8. I would seriously hurt somebody for a reflecting pool like that!
    The forsythia I forced inside is now all green...will that keep me from getting pinched?

  9. ...hey Debra,
    do you EVER sit down for a cup of tea???
    admiring your spring tide pool:)
    good luck with the home repairs this weekend!
    xo, Rosemary

  10. So, so cute, Deb! You have the best inspiration!

  11. I love your vintage greens... watering can, book and chair. But that hand tinted looking photo from the book is my FAVORITE! I love anything that looks like a hand tinted photo. Beautiful :)


  12. I love all your green pieces, Debra! Especially the unique children's chair that was your own.
    Thanks for hosting such a fun party, and for cheerful spring inspiration (always love your banner updates)!
    Good luck this weekend with your updates,

  13. Hi Debra... Happy St. Patrick's Day to you!... Love all your pretty greens, especially the watering can and forsythia with the kitties checking it out!... xoxo Julie Marie

  14. I'm linking up with ya, Debra. Love your vintage garden book. What a BEAUTIFUL treasure!

  15. Those pics are amazing!! Cute cute cats!!!

  16. What a cute little green chair!

  17. Thanks for visiting sweet lady! I love a lot of different things, but there is always room in my heart for the kind of cottage things in your post today. xx

  18. What a gorgeous post with true inspiration for spring! I love your little green chair and the gardening book. So cute is this. I will be back to join up in a bit!

  19. Enjoyed seeing all your vintage inspired touches of Spring. Cute photo of your kitty. :D
    I wanted to have a post ready for this week's party, but trying to get things ready for a "house full" coming for a few days.
    Thanks for hosting again this week.

  20. hi Debra. LOVE the little green chair. We have one that is similar with a cow-hide seat. It was my Dad's and it's a treasure to all of his kids! Glad I could link up with you and your sweet friends today! -diane

  21. I especially love your pictures this week. They made me happy and such sweet kitties. :)

  22. love your green vignettes. so sweet and so reminiscent of spring. could your two kitties be any cuter?

    thank you for hosting your 'vintage inspiration' friday. i'm delighted to join in the fun.

    have the loveliest of weekends.

  23. Hi Debra and this is the most darling vignette! Love that little green chair!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  24. Oh, and I joined your party! :)

  25. That sweet little green chair is adorable. Love the photos ~ Happy St. Patty's Day ;-)

  26. Hi there~ Love your greens and your forsythia is gorgeous in that watering can!!! I am sharing my antique green chairs for St. Patricks Day!! Thanks for hosting!! :)

  27. What a perfect vignette for Spring! And the two furry friends are so cute!

  28. What a cute display! I LOVE that little green chair and the kitties too :)

  29. Hi Debra!
    I just love your beautiful green post. The little child's chair is precious and that watering can is wonderful.

    My kitties like to sniff everything out before meeting with their approval. Glad that yours have approved! LOL!

    hugs and Hapy St. Patrick's!


  30. You are certainly in the green today! Everything is so pretty and love that little green chair! Thanks for's so inspirational!

  31. Hi Debra! Everything looks so pretty and springy! And how fun to see your helpers checking things out! Mine love to help, too! Happy St Paddy's Day!...hugs...Debbie

  32. Hi Debra, I love all of your pictures, everything is so pretty.... and I especially love your sweet little chair, so nice that you have it from your childhood!!!
    hugs~~~ Daphne

  33. Hi Debra, This is such a pretty Spring display. Your little chair and watering can are precious. Thanks for hosting.

  34. I adore your green, especially that watering can! What a happy shade. I love each of your features as well. Thank you so much for including me, Debra!

    Happy St. Patty's. Thanks for hosting.


  35. ...and I hope you bought one of those fancy shmancy washer & dryers! :)

  36. Hi Deb,
    You created a beautiful display! I love your little green chair.
    Thanks for hosting!

  37. What a lovely St Patty post!! I love the green watering can and those kittens sure look like they are enjoying their time!

    Thank you for letting me link up! My little baskets were inspired by a vintage basket so I thought it would be ok!

  38. You've inspired me to go out tomorrow with the clippers and chop down some forsythia to force. And I love your soft greens . . . so spring!

  39. Oh i love the french antique chairs!

  40. Your photos are simply stunning and wonderful!

  41. My cat is the same way if I bring something new in the house, just has to smell it all all over and rub his cheeks on it. He seems to especially like flowers like your cats.

  42. Sorry to hear of your appliance mishaps but the good thing is getting new ones and a fresh room to put them in. Thanks for hosting this lovely party! I'm also a new follower.

  43. What lovely spring photos! I just love the sweet little chair from your childhood!

    Sorry to hear about your failing appliances. When it rains, it pours. We've been finding this out recently--washer, dryer, garbage disposal, cars....the list goes on.

    Enjoy your weekend and do something fun!

  44. Just LoVe the "Kitty-Pics" and Watering Can!!! Soooo surprised to see "2"...
    Jeanine, ChiPPy!-SHaBBy!

  45. To me, getting a new washer and dryer is just about the best thing ever!!! It makes laundry way more fun!!

    Love that little green chair and it's story! So sweet!!

    You have soooo inspired me to start doing some spring decorating around here!!

    Happy weekend ~


  46. Hi Debra: I LOVE the green chair and that it is from your childhood--priceless! Your kitties are adorable too. They look wee...are they tiny? I wanted to tell you that I've seen comments on other blogs about people dropping out of blogging etc. I wanted to let you know that THIS girl doesn't expect a reply from peeps like you who have these linky parties and they are huge. Don't sweat it! This is supposed to be fun, inspirational, friendly and a good way to meet friends and/or network.

    Anyway, thanks again for hosting some great parties and for all your beauteous pictures of inspiration!

  47. Hey Debra!
    it's all....Beautiful...
    Love to Ya....
    Barb C.

  48. Hi Debra, I must admit it is a Huge Thrill for Me to be joining in, I am going a bit nutz without the internet at Home, so I am taking advantage of My Daughter's computer today & joining in the Fun! As always, You are sharing such fabulous photos, I really Love the Sweet Little Green chair & of course the Kitties ~ Happy beginning of Spring Weekend to you.... I sure hope to be back soon

  49. Now that just screams spring Debra - love it!! Especially love the kitties and the forsythia - this is exactly what would happen if I would bring some in to force - it made me chuckle for sure! That little green chair is just adorable...and what is it about ivy that makes it feel like spring is back?
    Hope your laundry room is going well...can't wait to take a peek...oh...and hope the laundry fairy came to help you out - ouch! Can't imagine living without that for a day...let alone more than that :)

  50. Debra,
    Your post is full of spring color and beauty! The green chairs and watering can, the beautiful forsythia! Just lovely pictures and treasures.
    Oh, and of course, the cats. They do like to help themselves, don't they?

  51. Loving your little bit o' the green today! Perfect for Spring!

    We are slowly inching toward Spring here in New England. I actually saw some crocuses today on my walk!

  52. Hi Debra, I just love that garden book so sweet.
    Great little display piece.
    Thanks so much for featuring me.
    I actually got around to linking up with you today.
    Have a great weekend

  53. You are so creative with your displays, they are awesome!

    Have a great weekend!


  54. qu lindo rincon en tu jardin , super shabby
    me encanto el blog, cariños, mely

  55. Hi Debra...

    I just adore your pretty vintage garden vignette, my friend! It sooo sings of spring! How sweet to have one of your little childhood chairs! Ohhh..and the pretty spring green watering can with the blooming forsythia...just gorgeous! I love it all! So fresh and so inspiring! Thank you for sharing your beautiful spring vignette with us, Debra!

    Happy spring wishes...
    Chari @Happy To Design

  56. I sure do hope Spring will get here soon:) Thanks for hosting such a fun and inspirational meme.

    Enjoy your weekend.


  57. Love your green pieces. Especially the chair and the story behind it. Thanks for hosting a great party!

  58. I love all your pretty spring things, especially the green watering can. What a lovely shade of green! Thank you for hosting us.

  59. Hello Debra!
    I Love your Garden Display! Adorable!
    Thank You again for Being our Gracious Hostess for Inspiration Friday! Sorry about your appliances! Yikes they are expensive!!! I Love that you are Looking at it as an Opportunity to Redecorate your Laundry Room! I am a Silver Lining Kind of Gal too!
    Have a Wonderful Weekend!
    I am having a Giveaway on my new Blog Junkin Gypsies. Come over and Have a Peek if you get a Chance!

  60. I just love your incredibly inspiring vignettes, Debra. They are quite delightful, and I so enjoy each time you link one up to the party. Hope to see you this week, too. ;)

    Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage


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