Monday, January 24, 2011


These days in January can get sort of dreary.
Like when the sky and the ground are the same gray color.
Peaceful, but a little lifeless.

So today I just wanted a little "pretty".

This Johnson Bros. pink floral vegetable bowl
 full of paperwhites is almost past it's prime,
and I noticed a few kitty teeth have been nibbling.

Then, on seeing this little lantern,
the glass needs a little shine...

But if you look past the flaws
it's just pretty.

I found this old white wicker tray when Rebecca was here.
I knew it would be a sweet landing place for some little January treasures.

Sure enough,
one of my little lambs has found a cozy spot. 

It's days like this that remind me why I redid the Dining Room.

I like to use dried hydrangeas all throughout the year. This stem happens to be faux, but I've been mixing them with real dried and they disguise pretty well.  These are just cream colored ones I bought in the Spring, but tinted the edges with "Distress Ink" when I couldn't find them in the floral stores. Just thought I'd share a little floral secret.

                                                     I'm joining Marty for Table Top Tuesday

Kathleen for White Wednesday

Cindy at Romantic Home

Courtney for Feathered Nest Friday

Hope you're having a good week; that the snow hasn't overtaken you, and that you can find a little "pretty" in your surroundings.

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